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Eiki Helgason at Horsefeathers Sneak the Tweak SNB jib contest

Eiki Helgason pre-Xmas interview at Horsefeathers Sneak the Tweak

Dec 122017

Eiki Helgason arrived back to the Czech Republic last weekend, to take part in the Horsefeathers Sneak the Tweak in Monínec snow areal. The organisers from Freestyle Area crew with help of SnowFactory created some amazing jib and jump setup long before the “real winter” and we were witnesses of some pretty sick tricks. We caught up with Eiki after the event for a short pre-Xmas interview. Enjoy!

eiki helgason interview

End of this year is pretty close, you sure have had pretty busy season. Can you tell us the 2017 highlights?

Well, I don’t think about snowboarding... It would be probably almost finishing my house, of course having the kid, which was a really big change actually... Full time job!
And in terms of snowboarding also happened a lot. I made the #Braindomness happen, which is a project I put together very last minute and it worked out pretty good so I am pretty hyped on that.

You were filming everything in Iceland right?

Yeah, because I have the kid, I was thinking about something I can do at home. So that is what I came up with and I am pretty happy with the result. There were definitely some struggles, because my filmmaker had to do his other job etc. so I was kinda doing most of it myself… ☺

What are you doing on Christmas holidays?

Well, it is first time having Christmas as a family, which is interesting so we will see.

So you are staying in Iceland?

I think the plan is to bring the whole family to our place, which is the easiest solution.

Are you that kind of guy who already have all the presents or are you a last minute shopper?:)

My girlfriend has always everything figured out in advance. I’m more of the last minute guy, so if we work together everything works out.


What are your plans for this winter, any projects planned?

I’m gonna do season 2 of #Braindomness or at least try to and I am going to do full part of ByndxMdls. So that will be a busy one.

We are in Czech Republic at the HF Sneak the Tweak event, how do you like the setup?

The setup is sick! When I first came here, they had like tiny little hill with a bit of snow on it and I didn’t know what were they going to make out of it and they actually managed to build a pretty sick park. If you look at what they had at the beginning it is amazing!

Since you have a long history with HF and the Czech Republic, you sure have some funny stories from here. Can you tell us any?

When we were on tour with premieres of Island born, ByndxMdls and Dayumm movies, the Prague stop was really the heaviest one! It was taking place during weekend so it was perfect timing and of course the Czech people love beer and alcohol so it was a pretty insane night. The craziest photos from the whole tour were from the Czech Republic.

Do you listen music while riding? What is in your iPod right now?

I don’t when I ride because my mind can only focus on one thing. I tried to, but than I just didn’t know how to ride. ☺ But when I listen to music, I mostly like pretty calm music, for example Icelandic band called Sigur Rós, which is really trippy and some people find it super weird, but it is great music to sleep to as well as to cheer you up depending on your mood. It just fits for everything.

Do you have any goals for 2018?

Well, I have a list of 70 tricks I want to do, like new tricks that might or might not be possible so I just have to figure them out as I go. Hopefully I can cross some of them out this season. I don’t wanna give them away tho, because somebody could steal them, but yeah I have a lot of goals.