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FNATIC at ESL New York 

Viktor "vuggo" Jendeby
Jonas "Lekr0" Olofsson
Simon "twist" Eliasson
John "wenton" Eriksson

ELEAGUE CS:GO Season 2 Group Stage Preview - Fnatic

Nov 182016

After a successful run in the previous season of ELeague, Fnatic are returning to Atlanta once again. The runners up of Season 1 have regrouped after months of testing various rosters and have finally settled on a new lineup. The new team consists of a mix of Fnatic veterans - Krimz, Olof and Dennis - as well as two of Sweden’s most talented young players, twist and the newly acquired DiscoDoplan. Doplan is perhaps the most exciting addition to the team. In his brief tenure on Epsilon, Dolpan led his team to a domination of the Tier 2 scene, with dozens of small titles under his belt. With a core group of veteran players to guide him, Doplan is certain to make an impact on the premier level of CS.

Though the team has had little experience with the new 5-man roster, the incremental construction of the team has allowed for new strategies to form, as well as maintain classic Fnatic plays. ESL New York was the LAN debut of the beginnings of the new Fnatic, and they displayed exemplary play. One of the key features was the constant rotation of the AWP role amongst all of the team. Fnatic’s recent online play with the complete roster suggests that this trend will continue into LAN play. With every member of the team being a competent solo AWPer, the ability to disorient opponents with a constantly changing sniping style is a strong asset in the mental game of a long series.