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Endless Summer Episode 1

Sep 042020

With an uncertain year and uncertain times where athletes may or may not have much of a race calendar to look at, they look to their backyards to keep their training load going. In a normal calendar year, a cyclist will look to spend the bulk of their off-season training on home roads but then begin the traveling circuit where they will test their fitness & training on roads across the US & Europe searching for victory.

Enter 2020 and our athletes are still at home training in hopes of a soon to be back to a normal world where they can once again line up against one another to chase that victory. One thing is for certain though Amity Rockwell, Tj Eisenhart, Rahsaan Bahati & Keegan Swenson know their home roads quite well at this point.


With time on their side, there was no better opportunity for our riders to share their home roads with their Hydro teammates during this time of an Endless Summer.


Amity Rockwell who grew up in the Bay Area now calls Santa Barbara home where she finds the difficult yet gorgeous terrain a prime choice for her training grounds.


“Santa Barbara is unforgiving. The town is tucked away at the bottom of a 4000 ft ridge and so most times the only direction to ride is up.”

As an endurance cyclist who’s made a name for herself in the growing Gravel discipline, she may have the best change of scenery for former road professional & free spirit Tj Eisenhart who has now switched his focus to the new Gravel segment as well. What will Amity hope to show Tj in and around Santa Barbara?


“You learn your strengths and are forced to work on all your weaknesses. There is something really special about such a beautiful place that also asks you to work so hard to fully experience it.”