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Eskimo Callboy - Never have I ever...

Aug 282018

Are you tired of reading all the same questions in an interview? Do you think you already know everything about every band? We met the guys from Eskimo Callboy at one of their festival shows and interviewed them in a kind of a different way. Never Have I ever with Eskimo Callboy. Let´s go!

“Never Have I Ever punched one of my band members?”

Kevin: I didn’t but... Please, let me explain it shortly! Right now we are in a phase of writing an album and sometimes it comes to big emotional moments, but on tour we are always like this: We love each other. We hug each other. Tour is always cool!

Sushi: Yes, but the record was not the reason for...

Kevin: That was the time when we released Crystals. At this time, it was all about changing our record label. What do we do? What´s next? What do we try?  Also, we argued about the songwriting sometimes.

Sushi: That’s not true!

Kevin: Yes, that’s true! We were on Russia-Tour.

Sushi: No! That was very different! David dated my mum. No, just kidding... there were just a few internal things...

I still remember, it was not exactly the writing phase, but we had some internal problems at the time, and yes, as Kevin already said, our emotions boiled up a bit. Then there was this one show...

Kevin: In Krasnodar, I’ll never forget that!

Sushi: Yes exactly! We were all already battered and ill. After the show, our guitarist came to me and said: “you were sh** today, you sang very badly“ And then it went like this...

Kevin: “What do you want?? What do you wanna do?“

Sushi: So I responded in my „Gelsenkirchner“- manner and said to him that he is a son of a b****.

Kevin: “What? Call me that again and I am gonna punch you!“

Sushi: “Come on you son of a b****!“

Kevin: No joke, they threw each other against a table in our backstage, like Bud Spencer.

The table broke down and Sushi even had a blue eye afterwards.

Sushi: Yes and Dani had a bloody fist, maybe from my face, because it’s too hard.

Kevin: It was cool! But the important thing is what happened after... It was such a emotional situation that we thought to ourselves shortly afterwards:

What did we do? What did we do?

Sushi: You were not even involved, but you talking about it like...

Kevin: I sat next to you and tried to keep you apart! Are you stupid? I jumped up and threw myself in between!

Sushi: Today, you would probably get your phone out and start taking videos... That was a reset, an emotional reset. That was good for us! Since then, Dani and I respect each other again! I hope, that such moments will take place in the near future with the rest of the band.

“Never Have I Ever gotten a tattoo that I regret?”

Kevin: To be honest, I have to say that I’ve not regretted a tattoo that I got, but I regret that I covered one. Before I started planning my arm, we all had a band tattoo, a pair of scissors.

Sushi: This one, I still have it!

Kevin: When I started planning my arm, it did not fit in there, so I blackened it out. I wanted to imitate it soon...

Sushi: ... but he did not.

Kevin: ... but I do not have yet. And in a way, I’m out of the band now, because of the missing tattoo.

Sushi: You are not a full band member anymore, but that’s okay.

Kevin: That hurt me a bit afterwards.

“Never Have I Ever used my fame to get out of trouble?”

Kevin: I would say, I used my fame to take advantages out of it. So, not to come out of troubles, but to get something good that I would not have gotten otherwise.

Sushi: Yes exactly! Kevin is very good at this! Should I...

Kevin: No! No, do not unmask me right now!

Sushi: I would never do that. Let´s put it like that: Kevin has a complete gaming collection at home.

Kevin: No, the thing is I am collecting retro gaming stuff, I’ve never exploited anyone, I thanked them for everything.

Sushi: Yes, but it just became a thing at some point, that was the problem...

Kevin: ... yes, but that was not my fault.

Sushi: Kevin did not have to do anything, there were always people with Gameboy games in the crowd.

Kevin: Yes, but the thing is, I would ask for it, that is the same thing like I would ask my friends for it. I am very thankful, that´s the reason why I’m not exploiting them.

“Never Have I Ever lied in an interview?”

Kevin: Haha yes, definitely!  There is so much happening on tour. Sometimes, you are just forced to lie to keep your social relationships alive. My grandma would have disinherited me a long time ago, my father probably too, so you can’t always tell the truth. Otherwise, you have to be afraid to find such stories online.

Sushi: Exactly, yes...

Kevin: Now we are all 30 and that is okay, but when I turned 30, I often lied about my age.

Sushi: Really?

Kevin: Yeah... F**k, I´ve been 29 for such a long time, but meanwhile people don’t believe me anymore... so f**k it!

Sushi: But why? That does not matter! When you are over 30, you have other advantages.

Kevin: But...  Now I have to lie if I keep talking

“Never Have I Ever played in a band with a TV-Star?”

Sushi: Why are you turning the sign now? Do I not understand the game?

Kevin: I deny it. TV Star is too much. David is more a Z-3 celebrity.

David is a great guy and we love him, but this whole Instagram thing… I mean, we all do Instagram and talk bullshit sometimes, but I’ve already collected so many discount codes through this, I could get free cereals for one year. No, just kidding, that’s his thing right now and we still support him, but we are glad that he does this as an independent person.

In the beginning it was like this: David from Eskimo Callboy is doing this TV-thing, so the band was involved too, meanwhile he is perceived so independently, that he can do this the way he wants to.

Everyone has the right to do what they want to do, we think that’s cool. He is doing it in the name of David Friedrich and not in the name of Eskimo Callboy, that’s okay!

“Never Have I Ever been approached about my name?”

Kevin: As a Kevin from the Ruhr area, you will be asked every 2 minutes because of your name.

Sushi: “Where does the name Sushi come from?“ I can’t hear it anymore!

Where does the name Sushi came from?

Sushi: F**k... I called myself that in a Star Wars game, that’s a very long time ago.

I also called myself Sushi on ICQ, because I thought it was funny, then the whole band thing started, and yes… a totally unspectacular story.

Kevin: Just like our band-name, that’s exactly the same thing, boring.

Sushi: I really have to come up with a story, just in case, that’s not funny anymore.

“Never Have I Ever been kicked out of a bar?”

Sushi: Oh yeah, Oh yeah, but I came back in afterwards.

Kevin: ... ran in under the barrier?

Sushi: Let me tell the story! There is a bar in Gelsenkirchen, that’s where I come from. There is a tradition to celebrate Christmas. You start drinking in front of the church and later on, you will come back and continue drinking after you’ve slept for 2 hours.

At some point of this night I did not get in, because the doorman said I’m too drunk.

So I stood next to him for an hour trying to explain that I’m not that drunk at all.

After a long time he let me in again. Unspectacular, but I almost got in a fight with a hooligan, later that night.

Kevin: ... that can happen easily in Gelsenkirchen!

Sushi: I also accidentally kissed an old schoolmate of mine. I’ve not seen her for about 10 years. So many things happened that night, f**k!

Kevin: Well, I’m a totally easy guy, but when I’m drunk, I do stuff that I regret a bit afterwards.

We have a club in Duisburg, we’ve always enjoyed going there.

Sushi: Is it the club where you pissed next to the bar?

Kevin: Yeah exactly! I’ve never ordered a beer while taking a piss. People saw me… that was a stupid idea, I thought that nobody will see me. That’s such a thing, when you’ve been drunk and you think you can dance like John Travolta, you know what I mean? The next day, when you are sober again and see pictures of you stumbling around on the dancefloor, then you think: No, this was not really cool.

Sushi: Yes, but these times are over!

Kevin: Exactly, now we have a bit more self-control. We only do that on tour.

“Never Have I Ever played a show in a city, of which I could not pronounce the name?”

Sushi: I still remember in China, we never knew how to pronounce Guangzhou.

Kevin: This is often the case in other countries. The larger cities are known, but when we started as a band, we played in youth centres in suburbs of which you have never heard before. What was the name again? Herzebrock-Clarholz! I mean, for sure a great city!

Sushi: Come on, we will never see them again in our lives. But we have great memories of this time, it was fun back in those days. I think that was the only club that had a hayloft.

Kevin: ... that was so rural!