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DreamHack Austin 2016 - The first DreamHack in the United States

Evo 2016 Championship Series Preview

Jul 152016

It’s time once again for the world’s fighting game players to congregate at the mecca of the Fighting Game Community: Evo (Evolution Championship Series). The annual event is the veritable world championship for every fighting game under the sun, old and new. This year, the new is front and center, with Street Fighter V having its debut on the Evo stage. The event will be marked by yet another new development, with SF V’s Championship Sunday being broadcast live on ESPN 2. 

Evo, with it’s massive bracket and famously stacked pools, has always been considered the Thunderdome of the FGC. Anything can happen, no one is safe, and there are no guarantees of who will make it to Sunday. This year, that prediction is looking just as true. Street Fighter V’s retro mechanics and gameplay have thrown the FGC into a slight disarray, with the champions of SF IV being ousted by the old legends of Third Strike.