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Practice and qualifying images from the 2017 Spanish Formula One Grand Prix

F1: Silver Arrows ready for Spanish showdown

May 132017

The first one is the hardest, and now Valtteri Bottas is hoping for another first place trophy to add to his collection. Valtteri won the Russian Grand Prix with a brilliant performance for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Team - and now plans to follow up that up with a victory this weekend in Barcelona.

The Spanish Grand Prix is always an important milestone in the Formula One calendar, as team's start the European season with fresh optimism and, usually, plenty of updated car specifications. Yet on top of improvements to his Silver Arrow, along with his team-mate Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri has received a huge boost in confidence thanks to his victory in Sochi. However, after enjoying his maiden success, he says he is now focused on this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.

"It would be rude not to celebrate your first win in F1! I had some fun. It was a night out in Budapest. I had an event there on the Monday after the race. It took some time to properly realise I won the race. It is quite nice but after a few days, it is done and there are good vibes, but then there is always the next race to focus on.


"If you stay in the clouds too long then you fall very hard back down again, so I had a better plan to focus on the next race and then do it again. It is a long year but I definitely count myself in the title fight.


"I keep trying to improve myself and get better in every single race and hopefully the results will too. It is a long way ahead and hopefully many more wins and points will help in the title fight but I am here to fight for a victory and win points in every single race."

Lewis explained: "Coming into this weekend we have a good understanding of where we went wrong on our side of the garage. There has been a huge amount of analysis - as there always is race-to-race - so we have definitely grown from the experience, both having a win and a fast car and a car that struggled in so many areas.


"We are better equipped now. I can't say if it is going to be better this weekend. I assume it will be. But there are lots of diff challengers this weekend. We will be doing a lot of work to get the car in the right place."