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Photos during MDC Drift in Athens GR, feat ME Drift driver from CY Charalampos (Pampos) Tsouri


Jan 242019

Charalambos Tsouri had an amazing 2018 season! Now, faster than ever he is ready to concur the 2019 championship! We met and talk with him and asked him about the previous season and what we should we expect for 2019!

What’s it feels like drifting a 1000bhp monster?

The adrenaline is purely amazing. You have to experience it in order to understand it! The G forces during a high speed corner are simply stunning. I can’t describe it in words, come and experience it with me

What changes did you make on your car for this season?

Well, the biggest “change” we made on the car was at the end of 2018, when we upgraded the bhp of the engine from 750 to 1000bhp! Tuning the car too much is not always optimal, therefore, this season we will not make too many changes. We will race with 1000bhp and fix the broken bumpers of the car. We already have too much horsepower!

Tell us your plan for the season?

Last season was pretty decent for us. We were 2nd overall until the last race, however a small accident at the Top 8 took away our chances for the championship. Now, we are focused on the championship as we are faster than ever! What is more, we will be racing at the King of Nation in Greece, another “touge” race in Serres and lastly another King of Nations race in Italy! As you can see our schedule is pretty much full for the upcoming season!


Which is the worst and best part of being a drift driver?


The best part of being a drift driver is that you can give the fans an amazing in every race! Doesn’t’ matter if it’s the first or the final race, all drift races are worth watching as we drift the cars in high speeds and burn too much rubber! That’s the magic of drifting! The worst part is when you are forced to race with inexperienced drivers with “slow” drift cars. You are “forced” to make mistakes while fighting to keep the car sideways in low speeds. This is the worst! Unfortunately, this is a part of the game. 


As an experienced drift driver, what advice would you give to a rookie?


It is simple... PATIENCE! It takes time and a huge amount of practice to be a successful drift driver. The most difficult challenge for a rookie is the tuning of his car. It’s very difficult to tune a drift car to suit your driving style. My humble advice? Start with a low bhp drift car. Increase the power of the engine only when you really need it, and not because you can! First, you must learn the basic principles of drifting and trust me, you will feel it when you are ready for a 1000bhp! If your rookie car is 600,700 or even 800bhp you will find it very difficult to master the techniques of drifting. Therefore, learn the basics and increase the power and your technique simultaneously!