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Friday images from Gatebil Rudskogen 2016

Fail Crew at Gatebil 2016

Jul 142016

We’re pretty confident in saying that Gatebil Rudskogen is easily a contender for the world’s best track day event. Between the insane amount of seat time, and the off-the-charts builds; if you haven’t made the automotive pilgrimage to the simply epic Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway in early July, then you are missing out.

Max Tvardovsky from Fail Crew about Gatebil: “This is my fourth Gatebil – I’ve been coming here with my team since 2012, and we really love this place. It’s one of my main dates in the middle of the summer. I know the whole team looks forward to coming over to Norway to hang out and have fun. The season has been pretty hectic – we’ve been on the road a lot so far; Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Germany, so we can use the stop in Gatebil as a small break from competition even though we are still running the car.”  

“I brought over my 600bhp competition car (a Nissan S14 with a rocket bunny Charger kit). We’ve made quite a few upgrades – electrical system, engine management, suspension, and parts to the LS7 engine, there’s a lot of money under the hood. Rudskogen is the perfect place to run the car – I can’t describe how fun it is!” added Max. 

 Check out some more images of Fail Crew and others at Gatebil: