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Monster Girls attending the skateboarding competition VANS Royal Side Stripe 2017

Fernan Origel 2nd in VANS Royal Stripe Stripe 2017

Jan 302017

The semi-finals of the VANS Royal Side Stripe were held behind closed doors last Friday in the vicinity of the Juan de la Barrera Gimansio, where 50 participants tested their skills on board their skateboard. 

Only 30 skaters would be classified to compete in the grand finale of the contest and to aspire for a juicy bag of awards, that was the case of Fernan Origel better known as "Tortuga" who for his surprise managed to sneak into the group.

"Actually I thought I was not going to pass the semifinal, since I had not felt very comfortable, I could not sleep well when I was planning my routine, I was very nervous. I had to get it all out of my head and focus on having another chance the next day. I had to take it, so I rested, I ate well and already being on the track, I was very nervous since I started to see incredible rounds of other colleagues, said Fernan.

For Monster Energy skateboarder, his goal was to move to the next group (made up of only ten participants), so he had to impress the qualifying jury made up of David Herrera, Nito Escalante, Shadi Charbel, Johnny Layton and Tony Alva.

"When I was informed that I was going to the next round it was when I said to myself, it is all or nothing; So I started my first round of the final with quiet tricks to gain confidence and security, fortunately did not fail any trick and that's when I saw that he had a chance to get on the podium, "said Origel.

Tortuga, was confident in the circuit, managed to block the public's cheers towards their opponents and performed routines that went from less to more until they reached their peak, including tricks such as hardflip, manual flip out, switch frontside flip, Back Smith amoung others.

Results VANS Royal Side Stripe 2017: 
1st place: Jorge Soto "Weeman", Mexico City, 79.40 points.
2nd place: Fernan Origel "Tortuga", Mexico City, 79.15 points.
3rd place: Gustavo Servin, Chihuahua, 78.98 points.
Best Trick: Max Barrera, Colima.