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Monster Energy Racing Team's Filip Neugebauer at the 2016 Europe Stars Supercross Tournament 2016

Filip Neugebauer is getting ready for Motocross of Nations

Sep 092016

This year's Motocross of Nations is fast approaching and we met for an interview with the Czech representative Filip Neugebauer of Osička MX team.


Three quarters of this year is already behind us, how do you evaluate it?

50/50. Beginning of this year was solid and I was starting to be in a pretty good shape, but I had quite heavy fall at the German GP in Teutschenthal in the beginning of May and I ended up with ruptured kidney. Fortunately, I survived without surgery, but I was out for over a month and missed two important races in the ADAC Masters. Thus, I prepared myself for good overall placing. Fortunately, I finished all races in German championship and I'm on a good way to my fifth title of German Champion.

What of this year’s races you remember the most? What was your greatest success?

It would be the GP in Switzerland, where I ended up third in first ride within the EMX250 class of European Championship.

Last week, you ended up second at the DM Open in Gerstetten, increased the lead to 20 points and you're on the road to the title. Are you nervous before the last race, or are you sure you have the title already in your pocket? :)

I’m not really nervous anymore. I was a bit nervous last week, before Gerstetten, because I expected that this race would be key in the battle for the title, however I have managed to do well in the race and increased my lead by comfty 20 points. You cannot be sure about anything in MX, but if nothing unexpected happens, I believe I will take care o fit and get the title.

How does your ordinary training look like?

I usually ride a few rounds for warming up, than two 35 minutes rides and I go home. After all those years I have been riding motorbikes, I don’t really enjoy spending way too much time on the track so I do my training and leave... ☺

Do you have any special preparation for MXoN?

I will ride MX2 class at the MXoN, so I would like to manage as much training on 250 as possible before the start.

How do you get on with the other colleagues from the MXoN Czech national team?

Both Petr and Jára are among my best friends in paddocks so I think we will really work as a true team and I think that that’s the basics of success.

How does your winter preparation look like? Do you do any other sports?

Since I regularly compete in indoor supercross, my program ends up in the second half of January. The main preparatory period is from February to March when I try to ride as much as possible and I go regularly to the gym for functional trainings etc. During the season, I spend several hours per week on a bicycle.

What are your plans for next year?

I don’t really care about the next year yet. I want to comfortably finish this season and after MXoN go straight to supercross. I expect the first international race only a week after MXoN in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I am going to compete with riders such as M. Stewart, Brayton, Nicoletti and many more.