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Filip Neugebauer from the Czech team at MXON 2017

Filip Neugebauer: the MXoN 2017 experience

Oct 112017

The 71st Motocross of Nations at a muddy Matterley Basin is behind us and despite some great runs, the Czech team didn’t qualify to finals. We interviewed one of our local team members and well-known MX and SX rider Filip Neugebauer.

filip neugebauer interview

Hi Filip, we are behind MXoN in England, where the Czech team despite some great rides on Saturday, unfortunately didn’t get to the finals. Surely this was despite a great experience... What were the track conditions and the overall atmosphere?

The conditions were perfect on Saturday. The track was quite deep and wet, however it got better pretty quickly and by the time of qualification it was great. The track itself was awesome, full of huge jumps and rails ad it was a joy to ride it. The atmosphere was a bit weaker compared to Ernee or Maggiore.

On Sunday, you had an unpleasant collision with the damage to the rear brake, what was going on in your head at that moment? Did you believe there was a chance to catch up?

There was a lot of mud on the track during B-final on Sunday and unfortunately, I had collision right after the start. I lost a lot of time, due to that, but I still hoped I could get somewhere to the front. However when I started, I found out that I had a badly bent rear brake and at that moment I knew that the qualification would depend on the boys from our team. Anyway, you have to finish for any price in the team race so I returned to the track after we fixed the break a bit in pit lane and I finished on 16th place.

French team won fourth time in a row; did you have any favourites or someone you would cheer for?

I believed the French this year again so my tip for the winner worked out.


How would you overall evaluate this season, are you satisfied with the results?

This season started for me with broken collarbone surgery, which affected the whole season. The beginning of this season was quite bad for me due to the injury and I lost many points, which were later missed. Therefore I wasn’t able to reach my pre-season goals.

What are your plans for the end of this year?

I have a break from racing in October, however European indoor super cross races are starting right at the beginning of November so I have a month to get ready and I hope I will be successful in the arenas.