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Pictures from WWFC MMA tournament in Kyiv, Ukraine

First ever WWFC and Monster Energy collaboration takes place in Kyiv

Sep 252019

First ever WWFC tournament has occurred under the official partnership with Monster Energy, and what a show that was! Couple thousands of people came over to Kyiv Palace of Sports to watch the fights, still not all the attention was captured by the hexagon, as we have introduced our magnificent Monster Girls at the Monster brand zone for the first time this year! The girls have rewarded fans’ attention via running a contest for the Monster fighting gloves - those very gloves Connor, Cerrone and other are used to practice. As you can tell, never a dull moment at the Monster cage during WWFC in Kyiv. Looking forward to meet you all in November in Kharkiv!

As for the fights themselves, all the eyes were set to the title encounters. We want to focus on two of those - Sergiy Guzev vs Grzegorz Sziwy and Svetlana Gocyk vs Magldalena Sormova. Both have ended up as a victory for Ukrainian athletes and their fans, even though none of the victories came through easily.


Guzev had to stand for the challenging 5-round marathon. His rival enjoyed the power supremacy, exhausting Sergiy via close distance elbow punches. Guzev came back with a couple of take-downs and a powerful series of head punches. The fight has come to terms with both athletes being exhausted and reasonably damaged. All in all, Guzev has taken over the title, due to the judges’ decision: 48-47, 48-47, 47-48.


The revenge of Svetlana Gocyk, taken down by Sormova last June, was an equally anticipated fight, prompt but tense. Magdalena has dominated for the first part of the encounter, taking down the Ukrainian fighter twice in a row. Nonetheless, Svetlana managed to resist, finalizing in an armlock, forcing Magdalena to give up. The lightweight WWFC champion’s title returns to the “Phoenix Bird”.