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Photo of skateboarder taking part in Fix Up Event

FIX UP 2017

Sep 182017

The Fix Up competition has returned to Bristol for its third year running. With support from Monster & DC and a hefty prize purse, 2017 saw the most heated 3 days of filming Fix Up has seen to date!

For those unfamiliar with Fix Up, lets enlighten you:

Basically, 14 teams go head to head for 3 days straight in order to make an edit that will be judged on creativity, spot selection and of course, skating. It started on Thursday 31st August 3PM in Fifty Fifty Skate Shop and concluded at 3PM on Sunday September 3rd at the Campus Pool indoor Skatepark.

All the edits are then premiered and the teams themselves get to judge one another. With some teams coming from as far as Stoke, Sheffield and York to compete this year, there was definitely some heavy competition and people going all out against the clock, security and the frailty of the human body to get the best footage they could.


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