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Metal Days Festival 2017 in Tolmin, Slovenia

For I Am King's New Year Catch Up

Jan 032018

For I Am King has been working their asses off nicely last year, for instance with their participation in the Loud & Rising tour and their own tour to China and Japan!

I guess our Asian tour, that was a dream come true! Without any expectations we hopped on a plain and right after, we played venues with screaming girls in front of the podium, great food and so much to see in such a short time... Just golden!

We missed our flight from China to Tokyo, haha! How do you even manage to do so?! We had a good laugh about it afterwards. We also forgot that we put some cans of Monster in our hold baggage, without thinking of the fact that that could go wrong and of course; upon our arrival, we found some cracked cans. Oof!

As a band, we want to show more of what’s going on behind the scenes. We’d love to share more with our fanbase and be more personal so keep an eye out for our Facebook, Youtube and Instagram channels!

Playing a gig on the moon with this setup! It’s hard to mention just one dream but I think we’d mostly love to keep doing what we do, with a lot of joy and as many people as we can. SPREAD THE METAL!