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Free Runners: Challengers of Concrete Jungle

Apr 052019

A sight of people jumping over walls and performing sprints in streets is not new. This natural movement training called Parkour or Free Running is nothing but getting conscious of your body and a little creative with your surroundings. It essentially requires you to get from point A to point B, while you interact with your environment and learn to overcome the obstacles on your way.

This art of movement, derived from a military regime, has no fixed set of rules but rather allows you to make your own moves, discover and learn as your move your way to traverse an obstacle.

India, has particularly seen a rise in the fan following of this sport, thanks to YouTube and social media. The sport practitioner, called a ‘traceur’ can be anyone from a 10-year-old girl to a 60-year-old man, all looking to push their boundaries and having fun while they maintain their fitness regime. This anti-gym army makes their city their playground, all looking for some fresh air to breathe in this concrete jungle.

Here are 5 techniques to start your Parkour journey !

  1. Running

As easy as it may sound to you, running is all you got to do and master. Challenge yourself with different terrains and maintain a running routine to build up your stamina.

  1. Jumping

Well, bring out the child in you. Start with small jumps and later build on them. Use the strength of your entire body and learn precision jumping in order to dominate where you land.

  1. Landing

Maintaining balance while you land is the key to master this art. Try to land as silently as possible and use both hands to take support of the floor while you make your landing.

  1. Two Handed Vault

This technique requires you to use your hands with all the strength to pull up your legs over an object which are usually rails. Landing with balance after a vault is all you got to master.

  1. Muscle Up

Use your hands to pull up your chest above the bar, where the bar is at the waist. It can be performed on a branch or a ring or any surface that is easy to hang from.