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Abraham Hoshctrasser having fun at Nazaré, Portugal, praia do norte

Freeride at Nazaré with Hochstrasser

Mar 032017

Thinking about the biggest waves in the world, automatically we refer to Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal; waves that has been the stage to beat the world record of wave ride, hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara reckless dared to defy the nature when surfing a wave of 1000ft high time ago.


The Mexican  athlete Abraham Hochstrasser traveled to Portugal after being invited to participate in a film of action sports, project being shot around the world. Their mission was to go to the waves of Praia do Norte surf and fly in the giant waves that nobody ever has done, but this time in a jetski.


Paradoxically the first two days of my stay were served as a warm-up, something big was coming, in that couple of days the swell conditions reached 25 feet; but really these training sessions served me as in the following days a storm was approaching and that indicated that the swell will increase to twice"said the current world champion of Freeride.


Hochstrasser recognized by executing tricks at high altitudes, not only broke the tradition of arrived to Nazaré with a jetski, he challenge the power of the Atlantic. The storm came, the waves reached 50 feet and with strong winds, this situation wasn´t favorable for Abraham, but he knew that it was a chance only


"I had to try and go into, a wave of almost 20 meters is something difficult to explain, interact with so much power is truly exciting and frightening at the same time; that sense of being so small makes you feel so alive!"


The launch of the film is planned for the end of 2017, we will witness the best surfride of all his life, but not only that,  Hochstrasser wrote a separate chapter in the history of Nazaré and the big wave world.


In the meantime, let us enjoy these exclusive photos that Abraham was made available to us, if this is just an advancement…we can't wait to see the movie where a jetski and the strength of the sea face  to face in the village of Nazaré.