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Images from Freestyle Heroes event in Gliwice, Poland.

Freestyle Heroes conquered Gliwice

Mar 262019

The first edition of Freestyle Heroes, the Polish action sports show, is done and dusted! Two teams of riders fought in the tricks battle in front of spectators who came to Gliwice Arena on Saturday night.

Breathtaking tricks performed at the height of the third floor provided a huge adrenaline rush. All this with DJ Lucky Boy’s great music as well as pyro shows and the performance of Psycho Dolls playing with fire made spectacular show that amazed the audience.


Spectators decided that Old School Rockers team was better and they won this intergenerational tricks battle. The defeated younger generation of riders - Young Freaks, with Adolf Silva and Alex Nikulin in the squad, had to accept the failure and superiority of their rivals this time.

Both teams gave 100% and showed their best tricks on dirt bikes, MTB, BMX, ATVs, scooters and inline. Each run more and more raised the level of adrenaline and provided many emotions. Audience witnessed a spectacular show with double backflips, frontflips, backflip combos, whips and some classic, old school tricks. The icing on the cake was Gerhard Mayr’s buggy backflip.

Even though it was the first ever Freestyle Heroes event, the organizers presented a show with extreme evolutions together with an amazing game of lights, pyrotechnics and music. It created a unique spectacle that provided spectators a huge adrenaline rush. For the first time, the audience was able to cheer and judge their favorites in a unique tricks battle. For the first time, but certainly not the last. Athletes, on the other hand, proved that they are real heroes.