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Posters of Freestyle Family event in Poland

Freestyle Heroes for the first time in Poland

Jan 292019

In the first days of Spring, the City of Gliwice invites spectators to the most modern arena in Poland. On 23rd of March Gliwice Arena will host Freestyle Heroes, the first Polish extreme sports show. Well-known names from around the world will be on the starting list. Monster Energy will also be there!

33 athletes will compete in seven disciplines so spectators could decide who will be better: young freaks or old school rockers. The whole show will be based on the duel of the generations. Jumps from the ramps on dirt bikes, atvs and buggy at the height of almost the third floor. In addition, spectators will also see BMX, MTB, inline and even scooters in the air! The action will take place on three huge landings and we can bet that every athlete will present breathtaking tricks to impress other competitors and spectators. The goal will be to win this extreme duel. A duel where the only judge will be the audience. Yes! You will decide who deserves the title of the Freestyle Heroes winner.

Intergenerational competition is not the only thing that the organizers prepared for spectators. The entire show will be filled with an energetic show of Psycho Dolls. The girls are hot themselves plus they play with fire and gravity in an amazing way.

Before the show there will also be a Pit Party. Fans will have a chance to meet and greet with all the heroes of the evening, take a photo and get their autographs.

Soon we will reveal first names of those who will appear in Gliwice Arena. Among them are X Games medalists and talented riders for whom these medals are still the future to come.  

More information about the event is available at the website and on the Facebook profile. Tickets are available here.