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Fresh Cuts - Intro

Jan 262018

Welcome to “Fresh Cuts”! The series which explores the barbering culture through our ambassador Paul Hewitt, an industry expert who has been cutting hair for over 17 years.


Barbering is about more than just a haircut. For some, it’s a chance to switch off from the outside world or work and not be disturbed. For others, it’s a more personal experience, an opportunity for them to open up and talk about things that are going on in their life or even something new and exciting that they can’t wait to tell someone about.


“Fresh Cuts” is a series which will explore some of these conversations. We’re putting our ambassadors in the seat, to see what will unfold.


Watch the intro to the series, we hope it will tickle your curiosity and you'll come and check out who the first guest on the chair is and stay tuned for episode 2.