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Warrior Built member Chris Colmenero sits on his dirt bike next to two other active duty service members and a veteran.

Friends that Ride

Jun 062016

The sun started to set on Saturday night a thing I was very familiar with until I realized the time was 1130 pm and I could still see without a flashlight. The Sun hardly sets this far north. We all talked around a fire and kept each other interested, comparing services and the unique memories.  Next morning I awoke and beelined it to Travis’s trailer where coffee was brewing and sparked a conversation with his wife who was a medic in the Airforce. She had served 6 years and met travis also a medic while he was in. Both of them have been riding dirt bikes as a way to release stress and hang out with other members with this hobby. It almost seemed like half the group was active duty or veterans at this point, a happy statistic that I like to see. We all get along like a second family, there for one another.

“Our smiles lit this camp site and more people surrounded the fire which kept the conversation alive.”

    Before I knew it we were all back on the dirt bikes headed off into the unknown. I tried to keep up with the other veterans but quickly found myself in the back of the pack as we sped down the runway. It is truly great to see all the guys get along as we joke and laugh about the days adventure out here. 


    We bantered for hours after the ride continually messing with each other and saying phrases that we could all relate to such as “pop smoke”. Our smiles lit this camp site and more people surrounded the fire which kept the conversation alive. This produced memories and kept our veterans together as a whole. 


    Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and Monday we headed back to Anchorage where we stored our memories until the next time; Labor Day.