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Saturday images from the 2018 World RX of Latvia

Get cut with Paul Hewitt and Black L’Amour Barbers

Sep 272018

Razor sharp lines, precision cut ins, and smooth fades to the outside; we’re not talking about the action on track at the FIA World Rallycross Championship, but a taster of the fresh styles Monster Energy ambassador, expert barber, and all round badass Paul Hewitt was delivering when he visited World RX this season.

Hailing from the UK, the 42 year old owns and runs the exclusive Black L’Amour Barber shop in Brighton. Just after giving reigning World Championship duo Johan Kristoffersson and Petter Solberg some clean cuts in his chair, we sat down with Paul to get his thoughts on what inspires him, dodging gangs in LA while on tour, and just what makes a fast cut for an athlete…


Hey Paul! Welcome to World RX – what do think?

I think it’s bloody amazing! I didn’t realize how big it would be; and actually how much of a family environment it would be. I think when I compare it to other motorsport events I’ve been to – like motocross – I was expecting it to be all about the competitive atmosphere. But seeing behind the scenes and how interconnected and respectful everyone is incredible. I do want to say thank you to PSRX for taking me straight in and treating me so well – it’s like I’ve been part of the team for years.

What makes a fast haircut for a race driver?

Hmm… High and tight! Haha! Or literally what I did for Johan [Kristoffersson] and Petter [Solberg]. Super super short. Down to the skin and then a high fade. Lightweight and easy; slick basically – that’s got to be fast, right!?

What got you into Barbering?

It was actually my father who was telling me to get a trade. I was working in the bar and club scene; and I was just wasting my time. I used to travel a lot, or work somewhere and then get cold feet and just take off. He said to me; ‘if you have a trade you can go anywhere’. And he was 100% right. If you just spend a little bit more time perfecting something then nobody can take it away from you. I looked at everything that I thought was a trade. So from building, to carpentry, electrical work, mechanics, plumbing – all of that. But none of it really fitted my lifestyle. I was 24 then, and got introduced to someone who owned multiple salons – was two years older than me at the time; he was driving a Porsche and surrounded by cool people. I was like; ‘you get all this from cutting hair?’. He took the time to break it all down for me – and I saw that there was a pretty heavy personal investment to take things on, but it’s genuinely the best thing I’ve ever done!

What inspires you?

First off my wife and kids – Anna, Ruby and Franck! The motivation they give me really gets me up in the morning! Being creative in what I do is big for me too. Never letting my standards drop and giving the best possible service all the time – it’s an inner battle I think to keep pushing. Of course my barbers that work in my shop are a massive inspiration. If I’m happy and inspired then hopefully they will be too – so the whole thing can do a big 360 on a daily basis!

So how did Black L’Amour come about?

From family! My son Franck – whose full name is Franck L’Amour – used to be in my shop with me all the time while I worked. My wife used to bring him in to hang out because he loved being in that environment. My wife has a jewelry business called Ruby Joan – named after our daughter. I really wanted to name something after Franck! Black is my favourite colour, and L’Amour being his middle name; Black L’Amour Barbers was born!

Top three people you’d give a cut to – past or present?

I’ve been really really lucky to cut the hair of some amazing people. I would have loved to have cut Mac Miller’s hair – he was one of my favourite artists, and I was so sad to hear when he had passed away. I’ve cut Yelawolf’s hair – he’s an incredible artist too. Also, I would have loved to have cut Michael Jordan’s hair – I used to play basketball when I was younger; but it would have been an easy cut as well!

"I love cuts that are more traditional with a lot of scissor work. There’s so much that goes into a Pompadour. It’s timeless when done well."

Where’s the most dangerous place you’ve cut hair?

Believe it or not, it was in some sketchy parts of LA! I was on tour in the US, and we were out in the suburbs – I can’t remember the exact place – but all around the shop were members of MS13. I walked out during lunch to go around the corner and get some food, and the guys I was working with freaked out when I got back! It was completely innocent, but because I’m covered in tattoo’s they had to explain to the gang members that I wasn’t from the area, and that I was sorry for trespassing on their neighborhood! I stayed in the shop for the rest of the day! Sorry guys!

What’s your outright favourite cut?

I’d say a Pompadour. I love cuts that are more traditional with a lot of scissor work. There’s so much that goes into a Pompadour. It’s timeless when done well. You really need to know what you are doing to get the finished style looking good.

Speaking of awesome style; tell us about your tattoos…

I started getting tattoos when I was 20. My first one says Family Love in Hebrew; I got an old friend of mine to write it. They just kept expanding from there. It wasn’t until I moved to Brighton that I got my sleeves. I’ve got a lot of traditional religious and oriental art as well as symbols from Buddhism and Tibetan culture on my arms and torso. I have the Guadalupe design on my head, as well as L’Amour (for Franck) above my eyebrow. My wife and I said we would never get each other’s names tattooed on each other – we think it is bad luck. Instead on her forearm she’s got a ribbon sash under a cutthroat razor, which says ‘Forever’. And I’ve got Forever on my right eyebrow.

How do people get a cut from you?

My shop is based in Brighton on 17a Lewes Road. And the best way is to go online – - or follow me on Instagram @blklamourbarbers and follow the links! It’s appointment only shop and we can tailor a specific treatment for each customer.

Finally what’s up next?

I head to the London Tattoo convention next at the end of September in Tobacco Docks. That’s our eighth year at the show! Then we head to the German round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship and after that we are doing a show with Harley Davidson on the other side of Lewes in the UK. I think that’s it!

Awesome thanks Paul!

Thank you too guys!