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Friday images from Gatebil Rudskogen 2016

Get him to the GRiD – Andreas Bakkerud

Oct 192016

Andreas Bakkerud is taking on the grid for the very first time!  The Norwegian World Rallycross charger looks determined and is ready to fight for the title during the GymkhanaGRiD Final in Marathon Greece! We caught up with Andreas a few days before the big Final talk all things GymkhanaGRiD. 

"I’m looking forward to competing against Luke "

What car are you bringing to Gymkhana GRiD?

I’ll be driving Ken Block’s Mk.2 Ford Escort!

We hear you have a bit of history with these types of cars?

Ford Escort’s are actually pretty special to me – my parents were racing Mk.2 Escorts in rallycross back in the day, and ever since I was a little kid, it’s been my dream car! I got to drive the car in Vegas on a test and absolutely loved it – I can’t wait to be back in the driving seat!

What modifications does the car have?

The set up is amazing actually – it’s incredibly well balanced. Even the chassis balance is so good. It is sitting on the newest Reiger suspension, and has around 340 horsepower. It’s been built to go fast on Gymkhana type courses.

What do you like about the car?

I actually love the way the car looks when it squats down at the start. Hah! It just looks so mean under full load, kicking out tyre smoke from the start!

What do you think will give you the edge at Gymkhana GRiD?

It’s going to be an interesting event for sure. It’s not my territory because I’m a pretty smooth driver in World Rallycross. I come from a Karting and circuit racing background, which is pretty different to the drift style racing in Gymkhana. I’m just looking forward to heading down there to see what I can learn, have a lot of fun, and take in the whole experience. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my Monster teammates too like Baggsy, Buttsy, and Luke. I’m competitive for sure though, so I’ll want to have fun but do as well as I can!

How have you been preparing?

I’ve seen the layout of the circuit online, and I’ve been trying to mentally prepare by learning it. It’s pretty hard to remember that kind of layout when I’m more used to circuit racing. It’s complicated, but we will have a few runs for practice, so I’m sure it’s going to be good!

What are you most excited about, heading to Greece?

I’ve actually never been to Greece – so everything really, it’s going to be a completely new experience for me! I’m looking forward to competing against Luke actually – he’s been winning for the last couple of years, and he’s the champ. Everybody wants to beat the champion – so if it’s me that manages it – I’d be stoked!


We’ll be streaming the finals LIVE on Sunday, so make sure you tune in!