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Friday shots from Gymkhana Grid.

Get Set For Gymkhana GRiD

Nov 262018

Sit down, strap in, and hold on; it’s T-Minus one week until GRiD 2018 goes live.

The cream of the crop from Drift, World RX, and Gymkhana will be rolling into the Carnival City Casino Resort in Johannesburg for a showdown like no other December 1st. In what will be GRiD’s seventh consecutive year of tyre slaying finales Ken Block will roll out with Petter Solberg, Johan Kristoffersson, Daigo Saito, and Luke Woodham, and a bursting GRiD of podium hungry drivers to shred the tread.

As always the custom designed Gymkhana GRiD course will feature obstacles including cones, tyres, barrels, doughnut boxes and clipping points, which the drivers have to manoeuvre around with the least amount of mistakes. Each driver must record a time by completing a lap of two custom designed courses. Split into two classes, drivers go head to head in All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) clutch- kicking machinery.

Don’t just our word for the awesome spectacle in store though; Johan Kristoffersson, who won the All-Wheel Drive category last year, and has just wrapped up a record breaking season in the FIA World Rallycross Championship by winning 11 out of 12 rounds said: “Gymkhana GRiD is very different to other motorsports. I’ve tried lots of different types of racing on road and off road – but Gymkhana GRiD is something totally different and unique.


“You have to be accurate on a circuit obviously, but the precision with Gymkhana is at a higher level. You need to remember the layout when you’re on a regular circuit - you obviously need to know the corners - but it’s not like you can get lost; but with Gymkhana GRiD it’s a different mindset all together.”

Defending Rear-Wheel Drive champion Luke Woodham added: “It’s the firework display of motorsports; as much as it’s a brutal competition, it’s a great show. What other event do you to where you have world champions racing alongside athletes and amateurs at the same time - it’s amazing.”


Check out for more information, including how to grab tickets, and make sure you bookmark for the livestream if you cant make it to Johannesburg to check out the action in the metal.