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Giulia Tanno in Zurich at the Media day.


Mar 222017

We sat down with Giulia Tanno on the way to Laax Freestyle Academy and talked about contests, success and being the first female to land a SW1260 in contest:

Tell us about your season so far in 2017


Before Aspen, we went surfing in San Clemente and only afterwards flew to Aspen. The whole week in Aspen was impressive. The first day we had only Slopestyle training, then the remaining days we had both Big Air and Slopestyle training. That is quite intense. But it all went well for the fact that we are riding so much. ☺

You landed a SW 1260; a first for women in freestyle skiing contests. Tell us about your feelings before/through the jump and after, when you landed it?


I already knew in the training that I had to try something new. There was this Canadian in front of me, with the same amount or more points. I knew that I had to do the SW 1260 in order to get more points. I was not nervous actually, I knew I landed the SW 1080 always perfectly and that I needed only half a twist for the 1260. In the air I always thought about landing on my feet. ☺

How do you know whether you are ready for a trick and how do you overcome your fears?


When I feel comfortable on the trampoline and then maybe I trained it on the water-ski-jump. And when I go up the kicker in training sessions and the snow is still soft, then I just try it. I also prepare for the day specifically; so that I have no excuses ☺ On the trampoline mostly I train corks, for example double corks.

How much support do you get from the Swiss team and how is the atmosphere?


Support from the association is very important, you can see how much they invested in us over the last years, so that the whole team rides well and the atmosphere in the team is very good. We are all friends who push each other on the snow. It’s like a family.

Sometimes you need a time out from skiing. What is going on in Giulia’s life?


In spring and beginning of summer I need to be back in school. In this time I study a lot for exams, which I missed in winter. I also do a lot of strength training. Generally I trampoline each day after school and I also catch up with friends who I don’t see as often in winter.

What is happening this season and what are your biggest goals for 2018?


The Worldcup in Corvatsch, X Games in Norway, WM in Sierra Nevada, Big Air Finals in Norway und 9 Royals in Italy. After that only some filming, and then back to school. For next season I want to focus on training and that my body is fit enough. Of course my biggest goal is to qualify for the Olympics. The podium is also not impossible. I just need to stay healthy keep training!