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Cover artworks for a Go Skateboarding Day special feature on ME Website - created by the central Traffic Dept.

Go Skateboarding Day Special: Generations

Jun 212021

Today the world celebrates Go Skateboarding Day - you can tell it by your social media feed gradually flooded with tricks & pops and skater tears of gratitude. We’ve decided that Jun 21st is a great moment not only to celebrate, but to take a moment and understand the skateboarding philosophy better, trying to see that “guiding light” from a skater perspective.

Here’s the plan: meet the boys - read it - get inspired - go out there and shred, it’s GSD!

Four Monster Energy top tier riders, each of them firmly representing own generation, style and career path - do they see skateboarding all the same? Deep dive into the conversation to see how the bigger picture is calibrated with the flow of time, achievements and different life stages.

Filipe Mota

“The Skate Prodigy”

Age: 14

Country: Brazil

Young skate gun hyping all around the place



Aurelien Giraud

“The Podium Sweeper”

Age: 23

Country: France

Each and every contest breakthrough, representing his country at Tokyo 2021



Jorge Simoes

“The Street Rat”

Age: 26

Country: Portugal

“One of the most talented skaters in the world today” - Thrasher Mag



Rune Glifberg

“The Danish Destroyer”

Age: 47

Country: Denmark

Taken part in evert single X Games event, bringing back home 12 medals overall



a conversation on attitudes

What’s your perspective on skateboarding? Where are you heading to?

Filipe: I wanna turn pro one day, hit the Olympics and film a lot of video parts

Aurelien: I love contests, it’s a part of my skateboarding, but hitting the streets and filming with the homies remains the most important thing for me. My goal is of course winning every contests I enter, not only the Olympics. Also, my Plan B video Part which will be out in a few months. 

Jorge: My perspective on skateboarding is - to turn pro one day and skate until I can’t no more! 

Rune: I think skateboarding is in a really good place right now. There are lots of new skaters, and the ones that have been around for a long time are perceived as legends of skateboarding. As far as tricks go, there’s great variety and inclusion of tricks that draw inspiration from all the past decades.

How do you believe skateboarding affects or has affected your life?

F: It’s life-changing everyday, since I meet a lot of my idols, visit different places of my dreams and now I am learning a different language. 

A: Skateboarding has changed my life. I bet on my professional career and gave my life for it. Currently this is my only way of life.

J: Skateboarding has changed my all life! The way i see everything & the way i think. I’ve met all my friends through skateboarding.

R: Pretty much my whole life has evolved around skateboarding, so skateboarding has given me so many experiences across the world. It would be hard to say that skateboarding hasn’t affected my life. I think the most important affect has been confidence and believing in myself.

What’s your current aspiration in skateboarding?

F: It’s coming from Carlos Ribeiro, Ishod Wair, Nyjah and some other ones.

A: Skating with my friends and homies is always the best aspiration. 

J: My friends, girlfriend and Miles Silvas. 

R: To continue to skateboard, travel and inspire people across the world.

What is the most uplifting thing that skateboarding brings up to your life?

F: Being able to skate with my favorite skaters and help my family

A: Just travel all around the world and meet people from different countries and cultures - it’s the most incredible thing. It opens your mind to the world.

J: The way I look on the city, on places, friends, all the fun i’m having everytime i go skate! That’s what keeps me going out everyday!

R: Community and the opportunity to be creative on and off the board.

How do you see the tendencies in skateboarding? Where is it drifting?

F: The tendency of skateboarding is to have the style, film video parts and be a cool guy.

A: There are more practitioners now than ever before. It’s a good point to develop skateboarding with “the right way” - having more skateparks and more credibility from institutions… But in the end one have to keep in mind why did we evre start and why do we love skateboarding: it’s for freedom and fun. New practitioners have to know it.

J: I like it! I like to see skateboarding putting out trends. We used to be the weird guys but now everyone is trying to copy us - that’s pretty funny!

R: I think skateboarding will have more avenues in the future. It seems that the more sports orientated side of skateboarding is getting more attention at the moment, with the Olympics and everything that’s going on there. At the same time, core skateboarding is becoming stronger and bigger, so we might see more of a divide in between the two segments. The skateboarders that are mainly focused on competitions might not be in the streets as much, because sponsorships and national interests are too valuable, to put focus into core areas of skateboarding. I think we are entering an era where we might see more tiers in skateboarding.

How do you picture an absolute success in skateboarding?

F: An absolute success in skateboarding is video parts and style for sure.
 A: HAPPINESS is an absolute success, but if I can have a Video part of the year, Thrasher cover, SOTY, Gold medals on all contests, houses on the beach all around the world and friends and family on top… It’s gonna be my personal success :)
 J: Skate forever and do my all life around skating.
 R: Being able to balance all the different aspects of skateboarding. A skateboarder that is the opposite of the description of my previous answer. Lol Answer

Where do you see your skateboarding takes you in a distant future?

F: Helping my family more, visit more new places and see more people… get a pro model shoe.

A: I don’t know where I will be in 2 months so I just enjoy every single moment. 

J: I don’t know but hopefully somewhere nice! 

R: It’s hard to say, but I hope I’ll continue to design public spaces and skateparks for people to enjoy for many years to come. For me personally, I hope to skateboard for as long as I can.

What would you thank skateboarding for?

F: I thank skateboarding for taking me to the dream places, making me and my family happy.

A: For help the next generations.

J: For all the friends, all the laughs and all the fun! 

R: For a beautiful, diverse and interesting life, so far. Also, all the people and countries I’ve been introduced to. It’s been a true blessing and I’m thankful for skateboarding every day.