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Monster athletes in Fonna, Norway


Nov 282018

We caught up with legend Sage Kotsenburg for a quick chat on the upcoming #GoldenHour video dropping in December with his buds Ståle SandbechSven Thorgren & Halldor Helgason taking advantage of Norway’s longer days for an epic shred session!


How did this project come together & why Norway?

I was just wrapping up my season actually and Sven Thorgren hit me up asking if I wanted to get a proper Gonna session going. I asked him the dates and he was trying to be in Norway 3-4 days from when I got the call. So I got my ticket out and next thing I knew I was mid sunset session at 10pm in one of the most beautiful places a jump has ever been built!

How were the conditions during shooting? With Norways longer days, was this an advantage?

June in Norway produces some pretty long days. We were super lucky to have sun the entire time we were there. That usually doesn’t happen since we are high up on a glacier and it attracts storms and clouds often.

Knowing you guys had a solid crew (Stale, Halldor, & Sven) What was the vibe like?

Vibe was all time. We we’re all for the most part doing separate things most of the winter so to come back at the end of the season and just get a psycho session on a jump with some bad boys makes you hyped to just send it and get as many tricks as you can down, fully feeding off of each other.

That jump was pretty massive… who was the guinea pig to go first?

I think Sven guinea pigged it since he kinda was the one who initially brought this idea up haha.

How did you guys capture some of those amazing angles?

We luckily had two awesome filters, Spencer Whiting aka Gimbal God and Kuske who has filmed a bunch of Stale, Sven and Halldor.

Were there any moments on this project that particularly stand out?

Honestly sitting at the top before your turn to drop and watching one of the boys lay down a savage trick with an amazing sunset in the background stood out just about every time. I would have to check my phone to see what time it was and we were riding almost up until midnight on those 2 sunset days.

Get pumped and check out the trailer below!