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Monster athletes in Fonna, Norway


Dec 072018

We caught up with legend Ståle Sandbech for a quick chat on the upcoming #GoldenHour video dropping in December with his buds Sage KotsenburgSven Thorgren & Halldor Helgason taking advantage of Norway’s longer days for an epic shred session!


How did this project come together & why Norway???

We normally go to Fonna to ride that jump every summer. So me and Sven was talking that we wanted to make it happen again. And Sven and Kuske kind of just got on with it and started organising and then bam Barra bing and a week later we were riding the sickest jump in the sickest sunset with all the boys.

How were the conditions during shooting?…With Norways longer days, was this an advantage?

Conditions were super good, actually perfect. Weather was great, no wind, jump was super nice and the vibes were epic. For sure the late Norway sunset does the trick. You can sleep long and go swim in the ocean during the day and then go up and snowboard this crazy location later in the day. It is a pretty insane experience.

Knowing you guys had a solid crew (Stale, Halldor, & Sven) …. What was the vibe like?

Vibes were so good. I mean in a situation like that, with that crew it can’t go wrong.

That jump was pretty massive… who was the guinea pig to go first?

I am pretty sure it was Sven. I drove from Oslo and went straight up to the sunset session and the boys were already going nuts on that jump when I arrived.

How did you guys capture some of those amazing angles?

We had some great filmers getting the nice angels around the jump and the almighty GimbalGod to do the jump follows.

Were there any moments on this project that particularly stand out?

I feel pretty much everything was a stand out. But Halldor had a power hour when he just put down crazy bangers after bangers that I have really not seen before. That dude is insane!