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Golden Hour Snowboard Project Assets


Dec 112018

We caught up with legend Sven Thorgren for a quick chat on the upcoming #GoldenHour video dropping in December with his buds Ståle Sandbech, Sage Kotsenburg & Halldor Helgason taking advantage of Norway’s longer days for an epic shred session!


How did this project come together & why Norway???

I just came back injuries and wanted to crew up and get some sick riding in the summer. I reached out to Monster to get some budget for a jump build and I asked if Halldor, Sage and Ståle wanted to join. Usually these dudes have a crazy schedule so I didn’t expect them to be able to come but they all came which was insane to me.

How were the conditions during shooting?…With Norways longer days, was this an advantage?

Probably the best possible weather you can have for the entire trip. Pretty rare to have that good conditions on a glacier in Norway! The longer days is super nice, we could right until 11pm pretty much.

Knowing you guys had a solid crew (You, Stale, Halldor, & Sage) …. What was the vibe like?

The best vibes! Probably the sickest crew I’ve been on a trip with.

That jump was pretty massive… who was the guinea pig to go first?

I did the classic guinea pig, somehow I always end up doing that. I went super big the first try if I remember it right.

How did you guys capture some of those amazing angles?

GIMBALGOD aka Spencer Whiting did a insane job on the follow cams. And ofc the legend Kuske aka Kristofer Fahlgren killed it with the static angles.

Were there any moments on this project that particularly stand out?

The last day, Halldor went crazy doing so many tricks I never seen anyone do. He definetly blew my mind on that sunset session.

Get pumped and check out the trailer below!