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Images from different local Instagram influencers and their release form

Graffiti at Home with Mango Logo

May 052020

Art is a form of expression. It has given us a medium to express all our feelings and in these tough times, the one thing that has been helping most people stay motivated is art. Many of us are resorting to different art forms in an attempt to unlock our artistic skills while being locked in our houses. And what’s that one thing that’s giving them company while creating the magic, you ask? Well, it’s the monster energy Mango Loco. 


Monster Energy’s Mango Loco is a heavenly blend of exotic juices and has got everything to get your creative juices flowing and turn them into different forms and shapes. One of these art forms is graffiti. Graffiti has come a long way from its street origin and taken over our homes, college canteens, and even workspaces. A lot of people are resorting to borrow this vivacious art form in order to bring their modern interiors to life. Whatever your style, graffiti can make it look cool, catchy, exclusive and dramatic, all at once. 


As you open yourself a can of Monster Energy Mango Loco, get ready to unleash the artist in you and create some magic with those strokes on the walls of your home. Here are some artists giving their houses an edgy artistic feel while keeping the traditional vibe intact.

@riskrock, a graffiti artist on Instagram is crushing the quarantine by creating some new work and completing some unfinished projects in his studio. As his caption reads, “Risk has been painting and digging through his studio archives, unearthing a lot of interesting and timeless paintings, collaborations, and prints. Click the link his bio and check out all the rare pieces he has added to his online store!” Check it out here  


 Abused_ink an Indian graffiti artist recently did a live Graffiti – check out this awesome piece of art he created with Monster Energy  and watch his live video here


So all you guys staying at home and reading this, tear into a can of monster energy’s Mango Logo and give yourself a refreshing dose of mango energy. ;)