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Grand Prix Beroun session Jam 2021 was a best trick contest in Beroun CZ with participation of world's skateboarders including ME ambassadors.

Grand Prix Beroun The Session

Sep 172021

After the great and successful year of 2019, when pro skaters from literally all over the world came to GPB and the race was won by the American Mike Piwowar, we were all looking forward to where the event can grow in 2020.  Due to COVlD-19 restrictions, the 2020 GPB was eventually cancelled and this year a smaller GrandPrix Beroun was planned with the subtitle "back to the roots." The situation during the year was still uncertain and the only possible date coincided with another skateboard event, so the organizers finally decided to do it completely differently this year. They took advantage of the presence of the world's top skateboarders in the Czech Republic and together with Monster Energy organized Grand Prix Beroun The Session.

A group of 14 TOP skaters came to the session with a prize money of CZK 50,000, who could ride without stress in a small circle of friends, have a pizza, a Monster or a few beers and listen to great music from DJ HERBY (Eda Synák), who took care of fun throughout the afternoon.

GPB Pizza Party Session was visited by names such as Rišo Tury (SVK), Matias Dell Olio (ARG), Egor Kaldikov (RUS), Zander Gabriel (USA), Kiko Nguyen (SVK), Mauro Iglesias (ARG), Alex Decunha (UK) or Keet Oldenbeuving (HOL), who is by far the best professional femal skater in Europe.

Skaters were given complete freedom in choosing the format of the race, and they all agreed that they would prefer the format of 10 attempts, with the TOP 3 tricks to be included in their final score. Incredible bombs fell in the park as usual, and for those who came to see the Session, whether it was a small circle of families, friends and acquaintances, or passers-by who accidentally found the event, it was absolutely TOP afternoon spectacle.

Watch the highlights edit here:

Judges at "The Session" were: Ivan Monteiro (BRA), Tomáš Vintr (CZE) and Rudy Broer (HOL)




1. Mauro Iglesias (ARG)
BS 270 Noseblunt (bump to bar) / Kickflip Crooks (8 stair Hubba) / Kickflip Crooks Kickflip (6 stair hubba)


2. Riso Tury (SVK)
Bigspin Heelflip (big rail) / Heelflip Noseslide (8 stair hubba) / Heelflip Fs Tailslide (6 stair hubba)


3. Egor Kaldikov (RUS)
Nocomply 270 lip (rail) / Switch Hardflip (6 stais) / Crooks Nollie Flip (bump to big ledge)


4. Kiko Nguyen (SVK)
Kickflip BS Lipslide (big rail) / Nollie bs 270 lipslide (bump to bar) / Nollie Bigspin Heel FS Boardslide (bump to bar)


5. Nacho Lima (ARG)
Kickflip BS Lipslide (big rail) / Nollie Noseslide Nollie Heelflip (bump to bar) / Biggerspin Flip FS Boardslide (bump to bar)


6. Matias dell Olio (ARG)
Halfcab Noseslide Nollie Heelflip out (bump to ledge) / Bigspin flip FS Boardslide (bump to bar) / Biggerspin flip FS Boardslide (bump to bar)


7. Zander Gabriel (USA)
FS Hardflip 180 (hip) / 360 flip lipslide (bump to bar) / BS Blunt (big 8 hubba)


8. Himpus Wilberg (SWE)
270 lipslide (bump to bar) / Big Ollie over grind box / Kickflip FS Boardslide shub (bump to bar)


9. Remco Erkeland (HOL)
Noseslide bigspinheel (bump to bar) / Crooked grind nollie heelflip (bump to bar) / xxx


10. Alex Decunha (UK)
Late Shuv FS Boardslide (bump to bar) / Boardslide sex change (bump to bar) / xxx


11. Bert Wilming (HOL)
BS 270 lipslide to fakie (bump to bar) / BS 360 big 8 stairs / xxx


12. Jakub Imramovsky (CZE)


Keet Oldenbeuving (HOL) made it through The Session with following trcks: BS 270 (hip) / Halfcab Noseslide 270 (bump to bar) / BS Boardslide Bigspin (bump to bar). Queen Keet she had her own category, so she is the absolute winner of the whole Session, but if we ranked Keet among the boys, she would take about 7th - 8th place, which is absolutely incredible in this composition!