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 Grand Prix Beroun 2018 Skate competition

GrandPrix Beroun 2019: Interview with organiser Tomáš Vintr

Jun 132019

2019 is going to be the 10th ANNIVERSARY of this international skateboard contest, which became one of the major Global skateboarding events and one of the biggest skateboard contests in Europe. Currently ran and produced by TheBoardr agency, one of the most respected skateboard production agencies in the World. Read an interview with founder Tomáš Vintr and learn more. See you in Beroun!

interview with tomas vintr

Hi Tom, thank you for taking the time for this interview! Preparations for the Beroun Grand Prix are in full swing, how do you feel?

It's really hectic, but that's kind of usual at this point so close to the event. I would say having the 10th Anniversary is pretty exciting, so that pushes me to work harder:)

It is going to be 10th anniversary this year. How did it all start?

The ex-mayor of the city of Beroun somehow saw that I skated some international events and won a couple, so they called me from his office one day and invited me to discuss the possibility of building a concrete skatepark in Beroun, using my name... And here we are, 10 years later:))


The Beroun Grand Prix already has a quite resonant name in the world, how do foreign riders react to it?

This year, the event turned into STRICTLY INVITATIONAL. There are no open spots for registration. Everyone is invited based on their skills and "how they fit the event". Also, we have the American agency @theboardr running the entire skateboard event, which is very exciting. They only work with the biggest events on the global scale, so that makes me proud:)

Also this year we can look forward to see a lot of world champions and X-Games medallists, could you introduce some of them?

I would say every single one of the guys is a superstar of some kind... However if you ask me to name my 5 favourites… Wow, that's difficult.. Let's say: Riso Tury (Slovakia) , Manny Santiago (USA/Puerto Rico) , Matias Dell Olio (Argentina) , Kechaud Johnson (USA) , + everyone else, I can't really pick 5...


We will all certainly cheer for our "local" rider Rišo Tury, do you believe he will win?

I think he is more than capable of winning GrandPrix Beroun 2019. He won in the past and finished 2nd in 2018, so he has what it takes... Let's see how he sleeps the day before the event...:)

What can fans look forward to this year?

Amazing skateboarding - seriously TOP level, globally. Big Music Live Performances by Kapitan Demo and Ego and then, the legendary GrandPrix Beroun 2019 afterparty by DJs Akvamen and LU2.


Is there any surprise coming up for the 10th anniversary?

We have some special trophies for the PRO CATEGORY made by my good friend Kamil Peterka. The trophies are a "one of its kind" art piece and i can't wait to show you all what Kamil does for us....
Also, we're doing an AM ONLY special event for the 10th Anniversary and Excelent Race (by Excelent) is going to send one of the AMs, who compete in the qualifying event straight to China for a full paid trip, to film his first ever PRO video part... This is going to be crazy!!!!