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Images from the 2018 British Speedway GP in Cardiff


Aug 082018

When Greg Hancock rolls into the G&B Arena in Malilla on Saturday afternoon he’s got one thing on his mind and one thing only… winning races.

Sweden is a home away from home for Greg, who lives there with his family for half of the year, and he’ll have a whole host of friends, family and sponsors cheering him on for what is the sixth round of the 2018 Speedway Grand Prix series.

“I always dig having my friends and family there at GP’s, it doesn’t happen very often so it’s nice to have them around.


“When I get to the track though it’s just another GP and another chance to score some points. I have some fond memories of this GP because it was my first and only GP win in Sweden and it would be the icing on the cake to do it again but my goal is to score a lot of points first and foremost.


“If I came second but scored 20 points I’d be a pretty happy guy I just want as many points as possible because I want to win the world title. That’s always the goal.”


Malilla is familiar territory for Greg as it’s the home track of his Swedish club Dackarna, but despite that he’s wary not to read too much into having any home track advantage.


“I know it’s my home track but it’s a lot different for the GP, you don’t have your team-mates or the club there, it’s just you and your mechanics and the guys in your circle. I don’t want to think of it as an advantage because I have to treat it like any other GP,” he said.


“A lot of other guys have plenty of experience at that track and the conditions could be totally different to normal, you can’t bank on having any advantage. I have been scoring some good points there this year and we’ve got a good set-up but just like with any race you have to get there and see how things play out.


“I feel good at the moment and my bikes are strong, I know they’re quick so now it’s down to me to put them in the right places on the track. I always try to be a step ahead and we’re always working and testing to get even better and even faster. I never like to sit still and wait for things to happen – you have to make them happen.”


Hancock heads into the event sixth in the overall standings but only six points off the top three, with Woffinden leading the way by 20 points at the halfway stage of the series.


We hooked up with Greg recently to find out a little bit more about him with our quick fire Q&A, so check it out and get to know the four-time champ a touch better…