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Thursday practise shots from Gymkhana Grid 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa


Feb 272019

Gymkhana GRiD 2019 set to take place in Poland on September 7th


- 2019 Gymkhana GRiD features as part of Ken Block’s Cossie World Tour

Dobry dzień! You heard it here first; one of motorsport’s most unique competitions is returning to European shores in September this year.

Celebrating Gymkhana GRiD’s tenth world final - since the series first went live and loud in Irwindale, USA in 2010 - GRiD will be bringing its signature style of head-to-head and tyre slaying racing to Poland on September 7th 2019.

Series creator and Head Hoonigan in Charge Ken Block explains: “Over the past eight years Gymkhana GRiD has visited some incredible countries and venues. Most recently we have had back-to-back World Finals in Johannesburg, South Africa. However I’m stoked to be able to bring GRiD to a new audience in Poland for the 2019 Gymkhana GRiD World Finals.

“This one represents a big milestone in GRiD’s history - it’ll be the tenth final - and it also happens within the same 12 months of the release of Gymkhana TEN. I’ve seen how enthusiastic the Polish crowds are for motorsport; especially when the World Rally Championship has headed to Poland previously, so I’m excited to introduce GRiD’s brand of racing to racing fans there. For me personally GRiD is also part of a seven stop race programme called the Cossie World Tour - where I’ll be rallying my all-new Ford Escort Cosworth rally car at selected events. There are super exciting times ahead!”

Haven't heard of Gymkhana GRiD? You should have… Part competition, part show, part kick-ass spectacle. Gymkhana GRiD stands head, shoulders and roll cage above the rest. Just for clarity; the only horses here are under the bonnet. Gymkhana is an automotive sport that takes place on an open airfield, parking lot or large open expanse of asphalt, and requires drivers to skilfully manoeuvre their cars around a series of cones, slaloms, 180 degree turns, 360 degree turns, figure-of-eight turns and other obstacles using extreme acceleration, braking, and drifting. Similar to “autocross”, Gymkhana courses are very often complex, and memorising the course is key to achieving a fast time.

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