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Race day images from Gymkhana Grid 2019 Warsaw in Poland

GRiD X Hoy: Dream Jobs is Live

Mar 172020

What happens when you combine the most successful Olympic cyclist of all time and the most showstopping and tyre slaying motorsport on the planet? Sir Chris Hoy at Gymkhana GRiD of course.

In the latest episode of Dream Jobs with Chris Hoy, available now on Discovery’s MotorTrend app, the six-time Olympic gold medallist pushes himself to the limit against the clock, the competition, and a custom designed course, not to mention Ken Block and Petter Solberg.

“The adrenaline rush when you are on the start line of a race is massive. When I was on the grid, and you’ve done the burnout to clean the tyres, I was looking across at the other drivers thinking ‘what on earth have I got myself into here! Haha! Straight in at the deep end - bouncing off the limiter. It was so surreal but absolutely incredible.”


The episode is part of a six-part series, with Hoy trying his hand at various events, including FIA World Rallycross, Formula E, Monster Trucks and drifting. Check out the series now on MotorTrend.

Like what you see? The strap in and hold on. Gymkhana GRiD will be back in action at the end of 2020 in the USA.