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Bull Riding/ Cuernos Chuecos

Gustavo Pedrero third in Cuernos Chuecos CDMX

Sep 092018

The Mexican rider Gustavo Pedrero got the third place last night and continues inside the top three of the Bull Riding National Championship, Cuernos Chuecos after demonstrating his skill and daring at Arena Ciudad de Mexico , which was held on last Saturday September 8 in the Mexican capital.

Having achieved the triumph last night in Cadereyta, Queretaro, Gustavo had an almost impeccable first round where he showed off his skill and experience with his first bull of the night getting his pass to the final. Already in this phase, Pedrero faced a complicated bull, not managing to complete the eight seconds, finishing with the third position of the podium next to the Guanajuato Alfonso Orozco in the first place and Marco Ortíz (CDMX) in the second.

"A very close competition, with my first bull I managed to get good points, the second bull I chose in the last round was a difficult bull and I could not complete the eight seconds and it cost me the third place," said Pedrero at the end of a full day of adrenaline and family entertainment for rodeo fans.


Gustavo Pedrero, three times champion of Cuernos Chuecos in 2008, 2009 and 2017, currently holds the second position in the general table, above some of the best Mexican and foreign cowboys who come every year from the United States, Brazil and Guatemala to participate in the only professional Mexican circuit of Bull Riding, an extremely popular discipline that gets more and more followers in Mexico City.


Pedrero will continue looking for points in the next stop of Cuerno Chuecos Tour next September 15 in the Plaza de Toros Monumental de Zacatecas and heading to the grand final that will crown a champion on November 2 and 3 in the Plaza Santa María de Querétaro.


The bull riding is a true spectacle of extreme sport where the riders ride bulls of Plummer race of more than 700 kg to one hand. Eight seconds are enough to unleash all the adrenaline and excitement of the public to see how these athletes manage to tame the beasts and emerge unscathed.

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