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Pictures feat Greek drivers during Gymkhana GRiD Qualifier in Loutraki Greece 2016, Greek version


Oct 102016

The final Gymkhana GRiD qualifying round – ahead of the season ending showdown on the 29th & 30th of October - took place in Greece last weekend, on the imposing Loutraki Military base. Appropriately, a huge squad of Greek racer, from all over Greece, assembled eager to secure their place against Ken Block, Peter Solberg some of the top drivers in Europe in Marathon, in just under a months time. Tyres were slain, records were broken, and the battles were absolutely epic! Once the dust had settled, we sat down with some of the top drivers who qualified to grab their thoughts on racing in one of motorsport’s most rock and roll disciplines..

"Chatzaras C. (3rd Place RWD): It is of great significance that an event that is known worldwide is coming to our country"

Did you expect to win today?

Kiriakoudis A.(1st Place RWD: No I never expected I would be crowned 1st in the qualifiers. I tried my best though to train and prepare adequately for the needs of the race. This is the first time a race like this happens in Greece. It's something different from what we are used to see in such events and I'm very pleased by the outcome.

What was the most difficult thing today for you in the race?

Charkas A. (2nd Place RWD): Finding the proper setup for the car was something that complicated things a bit, it was something we encountered for the first time. We have never done this before. One thing that made my day harder was the start. I have never raced with signal lights again in my life, but I tried to make quick adjustments. I believe that I tried my best and I'm glad I came second!

What will happen in 29th and 30th of October?

Charkas A. (2nd Place RWD): It will be fireworks! We have spotted our weaknesses and we are working on them. One thing's for sure, we are marching to the finals in Marathon and we're gonna have fun there.

Talk to us about today's GG Qualifier.

Chatzaras C. (3rd Place RWD): It was for sure something new and special for everyone here today. As a driver you have to adopt a different driving style to achieve the best time possible. I believe that we did great even though it was the first time that I participated in such a race.

What does it mean for the Greek motorsport scene, that such a huge event like Gymkhana Grid comes to Greece?

Chatzaras C. (3rd Place RWD): It is of great significance that an event that is known worldwide is coming to our country. This is the first time so many athletes from different motorsport categories have gathered for such event. Never happened in Greece again

Are we going to have a Greek winner?

Chatzaras C. (3rd Place RWD): I hope so! It's against the odds but it can be achieved