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Sissi State Punks Gaming Organisation Announcement

Halo Infinite: The Master Chief has landed – welcome Sissi State Punks

Dec 012020

The Master Chief has landed in Vienna and proudly presents the newly branded eSport organisation Sissi State Punks, a fusion between the well-known eSport organisations TKA and Warkidz eSports. Ready? Then go and grab yourself one of our new 2XP Halo promo-cans and read through the different chapters that led to the epic announcement live on Twitch!


Chapter 1: Capture The Flag, a three part video series that shows the landing of the master chief and the Halo promotion can in Vienna. For the first time, the Sissi State Punks flag gets raised over the roofs of Austrians capital city.

Chapter 2: The punks have sent out their street Teams to spread the Monster Halo cans and to tag the streets with their symbols. Tags and lashes added to the promo cans lead to the virtual countdown for the Twitch Stream.

Chapter 3, the announcement: Via Live Twitch Stream and with several prominent hosts and guests, SSP has been presented on a big scale their new look and contracted teams live from the Vienna Reality Playground. Even the Master Chief made it to the event. Thanks to argumented reality!


The slogan underlines the philosophy behind Sissi State Punks and the interaction with the e-sports community. Far away from classic e-sports organisations. Entertainment and the fusion between gaming- and music industry are high at the top of the priority list. The visual redesign comes directly from Monster ambassador, promoter and illustrator Stefan “SBÄM” Beham, who already worked for bands like Sum 41 & NOFX.

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