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Images from Round One of the 2018 Speedway Best Pairs series

Hancock: Back in the Game

Mar 252018

247 days. That’s how long it’s been since four-time Speedway World Champion Greg Hancock last lined up at the starting gate alongside three other riders, but he’s finally back.

It’s been eight months of rehabilitation, of answering questions on his future and of planning a comeback that few 47 year-old’s would attempt. 35 weeks ago he pulled out of the British Grand Prix after admitting defeat in his battle with a severely injured shoulder, but this weekend he came back with a bang.

Racing for Monster Energy in the Speedway Best Pairs series, Greg showed that he’s well and truly ready for the 2018 season with a display that had a bit of everything.

Can he still make a lightning-quick start? Yep. Can he defend a lead with a guy on his tail? Yep. Can he find a way through the crowd when he finds himself at the back? Yep.

“I think it went good for my first meeting back, I definitely feel like I blew some cobwebs off and I answered some questions to myself. Am I going to drop the clutch on time? Am I going to ride the bike right?”  he said.


“I was nervous for the first couple of heats but as we got going I felt better and better and we learned some more about the bikes and now we can focus on something that will work for the Grand Prix.


“It’s one of the longest breaks I’ve had in my career, I had a broken arm early in my career that was around 3-4 months but this one was bad and I knew it was going to be a long lay-off.

“I haven’t been at the tapes in over eight months, of course my reactions are still there and I feel good but you don’t know until you’re up there but after the first heat I thought ‘I’m back’ and it’s going to be good.”


He continued: “It was nice to have some close races, it was appetising because I knew I had the speed, the bikes were quick and I was putting them in the right places but maybe I was in too much of a rush. I need to calm down, take a deep breath and relax a bit more and focus a little bit more on my riding rather than just trying to get there right away.


“The main thing is we’ve got a good platform to build on now with the bikes and we have time to get everything exactly how we want it. It was all smooth today and we have six weeks before the first GP but I can’t afford to sit around, I need track time and to keep racing and I’m sure we’ll go to the first round with a good set-up.”