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Adrien Van Beveren

Hat trick for Adrien Van Beveren at Enduropale in France

Feb 032016

With a 6th place on this year’s Dakar, winning for the third time in a row the Touquet’s Enduropale only two weeks after was a great achievement ! Right at the beginning of the race, the bike suffers mechanical problems and Adrien Van Beveren runs a little bit behind, especially on the straight line. After the first round, he’s in 8th position and a minute and a half behind the first rider. Halfway though the race, Adrien focuses on the goal and passes his contenders one by one. There’s one hour left in the race and Adrien finishes 3rd only 40 seconds behind the head of the race. The 13th lap will show everyone how determined Adrien is by taking the lead, 30 seconds ahead of his rivals. Adrien passes the finish line 2 minutes before Van De Sande literally falling on the ground in awe. Hat trick : check !