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Sam Beckett at 2015 HELride Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland


May 092016

New skate event #HELride a weekend long professional skateboarding session in various spots of Helsinki, Finland. Sam Beckett and Jake Collins from Monster Energy where among the international skaters to enjoy late summer Finland and all weekend standouts. Things started of with MID AIR CRISIS ramp jam at newly built miniramp on the front of modern museum. Saturday saw skaters hit the crowded streets among Kallio Blockparty street festival and Suvilahti DIY park for infamous deathrace. As the sun went down things got even more wild in Ääniwalli afterparty. Hope to see more of this next year!" Results from the weekend: Friday 31.7 we had a MID AIR CRISIS – ramp jam at Kiasma: Our formal contest winners: 1.Dannie Carlsen 2.Eniz Fazliov 3.Sam Beckett Best tricks: Monster extension: -Dannie Carlsen tons of tricks -Sam Beckett, kickflp melon Sonera X rail: -Dannie Carlsen, bs nosegrind & blunt to kickflip fakie -Joni Kiiskilä, 50-50 to 50-50 & nosegrind indy Lamina mattress: -Sam Beckett flip to mattress bonk out -Joni Kiiskilä some weirdo grazy stuff Saturday 1.8 we had a Monster DEATH RACE and best trick sessions in #SUVILAHTIdiy MONSTER DEATH RACE WINNERS: 1. Aapo Olervo 2. Willis Kimble 3. Lauri Ojanen