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Hitpoint Legends 2 gaming touranment

Hitpoint Legends #2

Sep 122018

The Hitpoint Masters #10 summer season is behind us and we once again witnessed a huge final in Fabrika, Svitavy. We could watch three BO5 duels that decided on our representatives of the Czechoslovak region in upcoming European champions among other top non-LCS European teams. Let’s go through what was happening during the Sunday’s final matches.

The battle, which many have seen absolutely, clearly became, in the end, almost historical. It has been only second season of offline finals being played under the BO5 system, however we have never seen something called the reverse sweep before. The favourite was the highest ranked team and winner of the basic part of the tournament. Master Lions, pulled especially by the mid-jungle duo, were practising hard and since the first game it looked vry good for them. On the other hand the offline finals newbies Inside Games could not keep up the pace of their opponent and at 2:0 for ML it looked like they would clearly win. However, at that time, Inside Games started playing strong and simple engage compositions that were bringing them success. We should especially point out performance of Jan „Dread“ Hrbáč. Inside Games were able to change the score dramatically and they have written into history of local League of Legends by winning 3:2.

Three past members stood against its parent organisation. Michal „odstraňovač“ Duchoň, Václav „WorstADC“ Šrajer and David „Jejky“ Jakubec were perceived as workhorses that could get eSuba from their long-held throne. However, semi-finals number two have begun according to assumptions as a balanced game that ended with the victory of blue blood mainly due to the better mastered macro strategy. Anyway, Furca were enough individually strong team and they answered right in the next game with strong team fight composition built around toplane and midlane. In the next games we could watch similar process, however superior performance of experienced Tomáš „Nardeus“ Maršálek didn’t give the opponent many chances. so it was the eSuba, who mastered the third and fourth game and went to finals after the 3:1 victory.

The final didn’t bring the awaited battle for destroying the monopol between favourite eSuba, which has been keeping the title for three seasons in a row and promising Inside Games. In the first game, Inside Games managed to resist, however their power was decreasing and the experience, ferocity after the success and quality of the individual members of eSuba are hard to beat. eSuba deservedly won 3:0 and they defended the title for the fourth time in a row. The team, under management of Tomáš „Nightshare“ Kněžínk will represent our country in the summer split European Masters. Congratulations on the victory and wish you good luck in the fighting in Europe!



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