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Alexander Radulov photoshoot for Socials

Hockey star Alexander Radulov joins up with Monster Energy

Nov 012018

The forward of ‘Dallas Stars’ NHL club Alexander Radulov has joined the team of Monster Energy athletes and is now in the same crew with legendary sportsmen such as Lewis Hamilton, Valentino Rossi, Conor McGregor and Ken Block.

Two-time world champion, Gagarin Cup winner, as well as the author of the fastest goal in the history of CHL– Alexander can be safely called one of the best hockey players of our time. Radulov won his first world championship in 2008 and repeated his successa year later, scoring the winning goal against Canadians in the final game. Not caring about the opponentor even himself playing style of Alexander, which got him the title of the most useful CHL player three times, immediately became Radulov's calling card. He would be one of the leaders of the Russian National team at the Olympics in Korea, if NHL allowed its players to perform there.