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Horsefeathers Iron Jam 2017 - Skiing and Snowboarding jam


Jan 122018


Two days before the year’s end, Železná Ruda center shook in its foundations! After a two-year break, Belvederská street has once again transformed into a sick and creative snowpark. Over 30 snb & freeski riders came by, surrounded by audience. The show could finally begin!

Thanks to this year’s rich snowfall, the park creators from Harakiri gang could build three independent platforms. 


The wicked course setup and prize money of 30 000 CZK attracted the best Czech riders from both freeski and snb scenes: Monster rider Dan Hanka, Robin Holub, Dan Koudelka, Darek Bergmann, David Čonka, Honza Lohynský, Didi Augustinová, Marie Kreisingerová and many more made their appearances.


At 11 a.m. the park opened for test runs so that everyone could try to taste the rails and jumps. Robin Holub was riding so hard that he cut his head with his own ski. Thanks to local Mountain rescue service for the precise and swift treatment!

 The competition’s high standard has been apparent since the qualification. High and stylish jumps could be seen on the corner, first platforms’ kicker encouraged the stretched backflips and the lower rail set had seen it all - from straightforward fs nose through doublekink to transfer 270 in 450 out.

The final jam was one hell of a ride. Robin’s massive bs rodeos, Darko’s transfer 270 hardway fs boardslide, Čonkster’s 270 in 450 out and Lohy’s stylish bs airs on the corner had really stuck in our minds. Dan Hanka used all the obstacles he could - he performed fs/bs/sw7 on the kicker, threw only 270 in 450 out, or 450 in on the rails and deservedly won - what a massacre! The only two competing girls did not let themselves to be shamed - Didi performed stylish fs nose over doublekink, Marie showed fs 360 on the kicker.

The judges had some difficult calls to make! Girls category was dominated by Marie Kreisingerová.  Dan Hanka won the freeski category, followed by Robin Holub and Dan Koudelka. Darek Bergmann was crowned the snb king and took the 8k prize money, David Čonka and Dan Kašpar were second and third respectively. The day was concluded in Clip club where the massive Mayhem vol.2 after party was held until early morning.