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Hugo Basaula interview in Coimbra, Portugal


May 232016

Hugo Basaula is the reigning MX and SX champion. Son of a Portuguese football player Hugo choose to follow his own path related to motorbikes and after a lot of sacrifice, injuries and effort he is now the best MX and SX athlete in Portugal, being a reference as an athlete in Portugal. In 2015 Hugo won everything he had to win and goes to 2016 more motivated than ever to renew all his titles and he going also to seek better international results. This year 2016 he’s not only be competing in Portuguese championships as also in the Spanish motocross championship.

“We wish  the best luck for 2016 to Hugo and hope to see him in the top step of the podium. Cheers”

Good morning Hugo how’s the preparation for 2016 going so far? Ready for another year?

The preparation is been going nice and easy, Kawasaki have a brand new KXF 450 and it’s absolutely great and I feel I better prepared at this stage of the year compared to the previous years, so everything is going really good

Last year you won everything you had to win so let us know how it was to end the year with both title MX and SX?

2015 will be indeed a year to remember because I’ve won all the classes I competed and that was my goal.

Which was the most difficult moment of 2015 season for you?

IN The 2015 season not everything was good, I had a bad moment when I did 2 races with a fractured hand and those 2 races were the most difficult for me and for me was there when I won the MX championship and in the end of the day these difficult moments were without doubt extremely rewarding for me and my team that was created this last year 2015.

How was for you stepping into Monster Energy team and have such a strong international brand as your sponsor?

Being a part of Monster Energy family is something that I’ve always wanted, being a part of such a incredible group of athletes and is without doubt a really good help not only in terms of money but also in terms of image and privilege materials that only Monster Energy athletes have access and it’s simply awesome. I want to thank the Monster Energy crew for letting me a part of this family and represent this cool brand.

After winning all the titles the motivation stays the same?

There’s always a lot of challenges, I have my own team now and I want to make it grow and have a better image together with Monster Energy I know I can do it. I have also other sponsors like Kawasaki that offer me quality materials and parts to be able to do my job.

New goals for 2016? DO you want to tell us a little bit about wants coming?

For 2016 the main goal is renew all the titles and do better in international races. I’ll have also my debut in television together with Monster Energy so keep your eyes open for wants coming!!!