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Fred Crosset riding shows at the TT in Assen, NL

I can feel it each morning when I wake up – interview with Fred Crosset

Sep 062018

Fred Crosset was a winner of several trial championships in Belgium, other European countries and in the USA. Besides trial he also takes part in enduro rallies. When he ended his professional career he focused on shows combining motorcycle trial, FMX, BMX and bike trial. He will visit Poland on September 9th and have a Circus Trial Show during Verva Street Racing in Cracow. We asked him a few questions to present him before the event.

How did Circus Trial on Tour start?

It started in 2004 after my racing career and requests from different organizers to do some trial shows.


What do you like the most in it?

I love entertaining and playing with the public as well as bringing new ideas and tricks improving the show.


Why did you become a stunt rider?

Because I retired as pro rider and I like to make shows ;)


From moto trial to FMX – was it a difficult change?

This is not really FMX, but more trial skills with some FMX touch. Jumping high was something different from trial.


You have won a lot of titles. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my 2 USA titles.


Are you afraid of anything when you ride the motorcycle?
When trying new tricks it can happen, but otherwise we are so concentrated that we don’t think about it. It is more when we are off the bike that we realize what we did.


What do you think about when you do stunts?
I’m always thinking about giving the best to entertain the public and make the organizer happy. What is most important is staying concentrated on the bike.


How do you like to relax?
I like to spend time with my friends, family and children.


How many shows do you do every year?


What was the most dangerous stunt you have done?
In 2009 when we made the video over the bridge filmed from helicopter. I was on a narrow bridge structure at 40 m high. I was thinking: you better not fall!

Did you have any injuries?
Quite some as motorsports are dangerous, but the most extreme was from a car accident when I broke my back. The list is too long to remember, but basically all articulations. So I can feel them each morning when I wake up.


Do you want to be an FMX rider all your life or do you plan something else for your future?
I think freestyle is really demanding as we must be innovative and take risk when doing new things. So getting older is not the best for such demanding sport. I’m definitely looking to grow the structure with young talent, but I want to be more in the back managing the guys and structure from my experience.


Have you ever been to Poland?
Yes for the European Trial Championship 15 years ago. I think there are some young talent working hard to become more and more famous outside Poland, which is great for the country.


What do you plan to show at Verva Street Racing?
Surprise… 😉


What is your favorite Monster Energy drink and why?
The original green, because it is the monster DNA and the real taste.