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Photoshoot for Elena Zapiterskaia

“I enjoy every moment” – Elena about herself and motorbikes

Mar 222019

We are always happy to support fresh talent, therefore it`s our pleasure that a rider like Elena is with us. Her passion for motorsports is hard to measure and the only thing she loves more than Monster Energy is her bike. Now it`s your chance to get to know her better!

How did this passion begin?

Basically, all my life I have been interested in motorsports, of course, during high school I especially liked guys with cross motorbikes. When I turned 18, I was introduced to a group of people who were involved with motorbikes more seriously. When they took me for a ride, I realised that this is my thing and I need my own bike! Everything happened quite fast – got the driver’s licence in one month and bought my first bike. Had to take out a loan with a high interest rate – that`s how much I needed it!


During my life, I have tried out all kinds of activities – horse riding, guitar and piano playing, but none of the above has made me feel as much emotion as the motorbike. I want to develop my skills, get better at driving, take part in competitions all the time. There’s no sign of me quitting anytime soon.


Right now, I`m driving a Yamaha R6 and this is going to be my 5th season.


Is there a specific moment when you enjoy riding your bike the most?

There aren’t any special moments – I enjoy every moment! Riding in the night time is nice because the roads are empty then. But it’s also cool during the day because I can easily pass others while they are sitting in the traffic jams. Sometimes it`s fun to have a little competition with other drivers at the traffic lights when they turn green.

Elena enjoys different kinds of adventures, for example, she has no problem to go into the streets with 20 other riders to fill up the streets of Riga with loud motor roars during the night time. She also had no problem to go on a trip from Riga to Moscow alone with her sports bike.


“Trip to Moscow was the furthest I have gone on my bike – 1 000 km from Riga. I drove 2 days with one stop halfway through. I only realised what have I gotten myself into when I was at the Russian border – no internet, no navigation. Of course, I could use roaming, but that would be too expensive. I had prepared some pictures on my phone with directions - where approximately should I drive, where to turn. The craziest thing was that my bike had problems with the cooling system and it was heating up very quickly, therefore I was scared to stay on the side of the road in the middle of the woods.”


What did you see on the way?

I didn`t go through cities but used bypasses more. During my stop midway to Moscow, I met up with my Instagram followers. They showed me around the city, which was very nice. And at the border of Moscow, I was welcomed by a friend, because, I knew I wouldn`t make it to the hotel without navigation otherwise.


“In Moscow, there are two options, either you drive fast and don`t brake or you use the metro.”


How many km in total did you drive?

In total it was 2666km over five days. The adventure was huge! During the trip home, it was raining cats and dogs. When you must drive 500km on a bike in one day, you really can`t just wait on the rain to pass. I drove back to Riga together with a friend, but I`m really proud that I did half of the way on my own.

Elena has some interesting plans for the future as well, for example, this summer she would like to drive to Switzerland to meet a few friends there and experience the mountains with her bike. Likewise, she would like to take part in more competitions. “I definitely have to take part in every competition that`s taking place in Latvia. I would like to try out the large track in Estonia, set a good time there. To be good at competitions, you must train a lot. During the previous season, I was already more comfortable on my bike. I would say that previous season I was using my Yamaha on 20%, but right now it could be even 60%. I still have to train so much until I reach the full 100%,” Elena says about her future plans towards competitions.


“The main thing is to get my Yamaha in perfect condition. I would like to build or buy a stunt bike as well. When I`m watching what stunt guys are doing on those bikes, my jaw is just dropping down!”


To sum everything up – there’s a place for growing and a lot of things to do, thus we wish her the strength! If you want to follow Elena on her daily activities and development of her career, follow her here!