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Photos from the Baikal video project

Ice, full throttle, drift!

Jun 132019

Right on the ice surface of the largest and oldest lake in the world Lake Baikal, the first Baikal Mile Speed Festival was held in March of this year. Not afraid of the remoteness of the event, 23 best Russian pilots arrived to set absolutely different speed records on this legendary lake.

Despite all the variety of wheeled vehicles, formats of races and records, the most memorable and spectacular one for sure was the paired drifting speed record, which was set by one of the most famous representatives of this sport in Russia – Arkady "Tsar" Tsaregradtsev and Sergey "ddKaba" Kabargin! 

For the mile measured by the organizers, the pilots managed to accelerate up to 246 km/h and at this insane speed put on double drift on two 700-strong Flanker F hypercars, built and designed in the ddKaba garage. It’s almost impossible to put into words the natural uniqueness of the place where the festival was held. But it is much harder to describe the emotions of professional racers who have just done what previously seemed to be impossible for anyone in the world. That is why the 29 PRODUCTION team decided to make a small documentary about this record. Enjoy!