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Assets to illustrate the gaming tournament broadcast Monster Energy has supported in Ukraine at the ME website

Impressions From the Epicenter: What Will We Remember the Blast Premier Fall Groups For?

Oct 202021

Here at Monster Energy, we have a goal: fueling gamers worldwide. And it seems like we’ve made a huge step towards it as soon as we’ve struck a deal with the wizards from WePlay Holding. Yeah, we are partners now! It kicked off big time, with a partnered broadcast of the mighty Blast Premier Fall Groups CS:GO tournament. 

So much stuff went down there and we’re pretty sure you’ve seen all of it (did you hit our Comeback button real hard on Twitch, by the way?). We wish you could feel the atmosphere in the studio however, so here are some stories from the WePlay Holding talents themselves:

“The top moment for me was the first clean win by FaZe against Complexity at Ancient. The thing is that 16:0 score is a rare animal, especially speaking of an elite squad like this. Never in the world would we expect such a play between these two: they took their picks and here comes the final, third map. I’ve only commentated on a few matches resulting in an ultimate defeat over the past sixyears, so the eve of September 26 is a date  I’ll remember for sure,” says Oleksandr “Enkanis” Polishchuk, WePlay Holding talent. 


Well yeah, we’ve been around esports since 2003 and can surely confirm that such a score doesn’t come around that often. Anybody supported Complexity that night?...) 

“There were a handful of moments. Coming back to active commentating on NAVI plays was a special treat for me. NAVI has the perfect gaming muscles right now, so observing Perfecto, s1mple, and B1T doing their thing is a very curious experience right now. My memorable moment pick would probably go to that Ace by Twistzz against Complexity at Ancient. Twistzz played with a 0:7 score and I couldn’t help criticizing his game like I always do. However, Faze has decided to split enter A at Ancient, with Twistzz responding with an Ace in a single round. Surreal. Best memory from the Blast group stage,” says Oleksii “yXo” Maletskyi, WePlay Holding talent. 

Ancient, Ancient, Ancient… Are you curious to know how NAVI has been gaining its muscles, however? Read the interview with their coach B1ad3 here.

“Blast has been rolling out in a surprising way. Starting with Team Liquid and G2 not making it into finals and finishing with the Complexity defeat at 16:0. It will remain imprinted in my brain, that’s  for sure. FaZe Clan has unleashed some sort of hidden fury, not letting their rivals go for a single moment,” says Yuriy “Strike” Tereshchenko, WePlay Holding talent. 


Apparently, FaZe has captured the stage of Blast this time. That historic play can be re-watched on WePlay's Twitch channel. Who was your favorite? 


Ours was team WePlay Holding! The kick-off was legendary so wait for more from us next season! bb!