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Image from the 2018 CPH Open in Berlin

In their words: Kyiv GSD Chronicles

Jun 212019

Supported by Monster Energy, the 13th edition of Kyiv’s Go Skateboarding Day takes place today. Perhaps, there is no need to say it’s not your average holiday. Still, it should be stressed that this day is not exclusively about hundreds of skaters being “wild in the street” and making noise with boards on the Postal square. This day is all about creativity, freedom and eternal love to your thing.

We have sat down with some OG’s of Ukrainian skateboarding to collect their best memories from the previous years of capital’s GSD. This is the story, which we will continue writing today. Happy Go Skateboarding Day!


Dmytro Rybak: Back then, we have teamed up with Vadim Krovitskiy, Timan and Rider skateshop to install the skatepark on the perfect surface next to the Magdeburg Law monument and get together all the skaters of the country. Indeed, there was a lot of riders from Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Odesa, Donetsk and Yalta. In fact, so many savage tricks were landed, we have decided to collect some of our own cash and add it up to the existing prizes.

That night we also headed to the cinema to see the “NashDakh” skate movie premiere screening. Surprisingly, it was ready to go exactly by the 21st of June. It has turned that there is a lot more aspiring viewers, than that cinema could handle. Administration has denied to let in any more people, but they have sneaked in anyways, sitting all over the floor just in front of the screen.

To call it a day, we have scheduled the afterparty in the club called “Status”. Well, I have somewhat failed to acknowledge what was the type and the actual status of the club, while inviting the local punk-rock band Stinx. As they have started to perform, people would go crazy, jumping around and all the stuff. Club owners were sort of struck, terminating the performance right away.

These are my favorite memories from Kyiv’s GSD ever - maximum effort, decent results. There is a lot of archive pictures from that day still - all of them will be available since today.



Yuriiy Korotun: I remember 2010th, when the heavy rain has come out of the blue and organizers did conduct the best trick under the rainfall, next to the Kyiv Founders’ monument. All of us were jumping into the water while sending tricks down from the monument. We were soaking wet then - still it could not kill the awesome vibe.



Maxym Bulka: We have already established some sort of tradition to celebrate GSD in Kyiv. It was that summer, when a lot of brands and shops have come out to collaborate and contribute to this day. Monster Energy was a General Partner of the even back then, also being the major support of the “Gavan” skatepark. We had GSD in the pipeline and we wanted to create something really unique this time, both in the streets and in the skatepark.


We had this idea of pulling a contest on a spot you could barely ride during the regular day. One crazy thought has crossed our minds instantly - let’s overtake the 10-steps below the Stellar at the Independence Square! This was far not the chill spot, like Mariinskiy Park or the Opera - people came here exclusively to capture bangers for their profiles and video-parts. Still, not so many tricks have made it to the history of this spot, since it was hardly available because of the constant police surveillance. So, the Stellar appeared to be the must-have of the day. We have successfully managed to obtain the permission from the authorities and the police itself - we did have our own patrol guys even.


The contest was nothing but ground-braking - even the non-experienced dudes had the mood to go for bangers. I still remember that Benihana down 10 stairs from the guy who had hardly ridden for 3 years back then. There were also some attempts for 360 flip. Real crazy. There were injuries, of course - but everybody’s okay in the end.


The next stage was a contest in “Gavan” skatepark. As a GSD-special, we have constructed a new spot, which was basically a gap over the real car. Not only you could transfer over it, but also you could grind, as we have installed the rail over the vehicle’s hood. The spot sketch, created by Dmytro Rybak, had featured the old Citroen, kind of like an old-school VW Bug. I did understand it literally - started to seek for the car with similar retro geometry. We ended up finding an ancient Moskvich from the 50-th, which we have bought as a real car - with all the document and for some decent money. The owner promised he would start it and we drive it to Kyiv, which was obviously not the case in fact.


Andriy Ryzhov: Oh, I remember that car so well! It has never been done before - they brought a real vehicle to the skatepark, so we could send some tricks over it. Fantastic GSD. Hundreds of riders messing around the city from spot to spot. I had a terrible muscle pain for the next three days or so.


Yuriiy Korotun: The car gap was an insane contest.


Maxym Bulka: Also, we had a fun mini-contest between these two occasions. It was barefoot skating. Every participant had to take off his shoes and land a trick down from three steps. Weird, fun and absolutely entertaining!


The day was done as the Monster party took place. This is my favorite GSD ever.


Andriy Ryzhov: I have moved to Barcelona in 2013, so it was my only GSD in Kyiv. The best ever. I should say, we have much more epic GSD’s than these from here. Our events have a lot of soul inside.



Yuriiy Korotun: Last year was cool as well, organized by my pals from Fusion Skate Shop. We had a special GSD ledge created, thought-through route and one epic best trick down the 12 steps.


I have been celebrating GSD in Kyiv for 10 years in a row. So many amazing contests, events and unique agendas. For me, this day is all about freedom, fun, motivation and true Ukrainian skateboarding. It unites all the skaters down here.


I’d like to wish a Happy Skateboarding day to everybody! Best of luck!