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Ego November 2017 photoshoot

Interview: Ego is heading off to the unique PRECEDENS tour

Mar 012018

Only a few days left until the start of the magnificent tour for Ego‘s first solo album PRECEDENS. Unique audio-visual show, breath-taking choreography, well-known guests and especially Ego himself, who will perform all songs from the new album for the first time...

We chatted with Ego during his final preparations and rehearsals just a few days before the first concert that will take place on Saturday 3rd of March in Banska Bystrice. See all stops here.

Your first solo record PRECEDENS was released just days before Christmas and it contains songs you written in past 10 years. When did you decided that it was the right time to put them together and release?


Look, it was released last year, because I didn’t have any priority joint projects,  because as you know, I prefer teamwork, so I finally gave a chance to my ego.


The album has been out for over two months, are you satisfied with it, or are there some things you would do differently looking back?


Haha, there are always some things, but overall, I am really satisfied, especially with the positive feedback from people. If I had to pick one specific thing I am happy with, it would probably be that there are no disses or curse words.


Each song has a different producer, lyrics were being written continually during last 10 years. Were you afraid that the album would not be unified - or too diverse? Was there an effort to unify the sound of the whole album?


I promised the people that different Czechoslovak producer would produce each track, so the diversity was guaranteed, and my job was to secure the unity. To be honest, I am really happy with the result, it doesn’t sound like one big song and my mum is also satisfied for the first time. I had to go a bit more mainstream, because many different people from different social environment were waiting for it for the album time.


It seems like there is a certain storyline that joins the songs together. Did you set the album tracklist so they would tell the complete story?


Yes, it was a concept from the start. I wanted to map the typical hip-hop story about rebellion, goodwill and hopefully a happy homecoming.

What was the writing process of these songs? Were you sending the lyrics to producers first or writing them to the music? I know, that for example in case of the song Runaway, you went straight for recording without any previous writing...


I try to write each song differently. I don’t like stereotypes, so each song has its own story. Runaway was done live, on the spot, "Ideme dalej" is eight version,  “Je nám to úplně jedno” was originally recorded to EDM beat from Yanco and S3rious, “Kým sme spolu nikdy nebudeme sami” was written out of notes I was making during the whole year...


You have recorded most of the songs at home. It can surely inspire many young artists, who don’t know how to record their music. Do you have any advise or tip show to make it sound as good as possible in home terms?


Less masturbate, more rap.


Precedens tour starts this weekend, it promises an unique audio-visual show, created by Roland Wranik and his company SorryWeCan, which also directed your music video Robím to čo chcem. Can you tell us more about what can fans look forward to?


They will see dramaturgically sophisticated visuals on a large LED screen in sync with dance choreographies and the sweetest live rap without autotune and, of course, the top sound from boys from the MINISTER OF FUN. (the best club in Slovakia).


What do the rehearsals for such a challenging show look like? Music linked with visuals, choreography, LED panels on stage, etc.


I have been rehearsing in my club PODZEMIE in Piešťany for weeks and one week before start we are rehearsing all together at the previously mentioned MINISTRY OF FUN. For me personally it is all about the right breathing as I am siging alone during the whole show without any vocal support.

How did you pick a setlist for this concert? Will it be a cross-section of your whole musical career or is the main focus on the PRECEDENS album and more recent stuff?


It's a special show to the album, and we even follow tracklist for the most authentic experience! :)))


Are you nervous when you have to sing new songs for the first time? How do you prepare for it?


Nervous is a good word for that. If you haven’t tried it at least ten times live, you have to concentrate too much on breathing. The best it would be roughly after a year when you already do it "out of the stomach".

Your shows are visited by different generations of people who follow different musical trends. Do you think of it when you write lyrics?


I have been trying to find the universal fan for years. A fan, which would include all trends and approaches. I still haven’t found him, but I have a few finalists such as my mum, my wife, orthodox young cousin, a vagabond, a crack head, laic.... The worst is my father. Or is he the universal one? No, I guess not.


The last question, what are you currently listening to or who inspires you? And are you listening to music entirely out of rap / rnb and these related genres?


I was really impressed „sonically“ by album Wanderlust by HOLLOW COVES. It is really great for your soul. But what really kills me, in a good way, is the success of Tekashi 6ix9ine! The guys from Haha crew discovered him, his first fanbase was in Czech Republic and Slovakia, first gig in Prague, he was dressed and managed by Yaksha from FUCK THEM and PAY Clothing and I had to setup his microphone and vocal tone when he was recording.  When he got back to the USA, he made his first hit and is currently the biggest rap discovery in America!!!!! In mainstream? That's crazy!!!!